Driving a car in summer, follow these tips to keep the car cool

How to keep car cool in summer

During summer, it becomes very difficult to keep the AC turned off while driving the car and sometimes even after running the AC, better cooling is not available. Let us know such special tips.

Summer is at its peak in India and in the states where it is raining, the humidity has started increasing. In such a situation, if you are driving a car and even after that the car AC (Car AC) is not working well, so today we are going to tell you about some tips, with the help of which it will be easy to keep the car cool. Often people sitting in the car have to face a lot of trouble due to lack of coolness in the car, while the people sitting behind in the car also have to face a lot of trouble. Let us know the causes of these problems and ways to overcome them.

Check the AC of the car and change the coolant if needed

First of all, if the AC installed in your car is not working well, then check the AC. In such a situation, the coolant of the car can also be changed if it does not look bad. This information comes from HT Auto.

replace engine coolant

It is also necessary to check the coolant used in the radiator of the car. Actually, the engine inside the car heats up rapidly and coolant is required to keep its radiator cool. If the coolant is not in the right amount, then even due to the heat of the engine, the car may not work properly.

Keep Windows Slightly Open When Car Parking in the Sun

While parking the car in any open space, open the windows of the windows for some engine, so that the heat inside it keeps coming out and whenever you get in the car, it can help to cool it down immediately.

park the car under any shed

During car parking, keep in mind that you keep your car under a shed, so that its coolness can keep the car cool and when you turn on the AC, it starts cooling immediately and can reduce the temperature of the car immediately.

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