Doing this search on Google will spoil the geography of your screen, the display will be crooked

After the success of NASA’s mission, Google has introduced an Easter Egg to connect its users to this success. If you search by typing NASA DART on Google, then a satellite will be seen moving on the screen. After this the screen of your device will be crooked.

Doing this search on Google will make the screen crooked.

Image Credit source: Google

The world’s largest search engine Google has introduced a fun Easter Egg. if you google NASA DART If you search by writing, then the American space agency NASA will appear on the screen. DART spacecraft Will be seen flying. The great thing is that there will be an explosion as soon as it arrives and your screen will be crooked. Users do not need to panic because of the explosion because all this will happen through animation. Actually, NASA’s DART spacecraft has successfully completed its mission. To celebrate the success of the mission, Google has introduced this Easter Egg.

Search NASA DART on Google

To enjoy Google’s great trick, users have to search by typing Google NASA DART. As soon as NASA DART is searched, a spacecraft will be seen flying on the screen. It will come from the left and go to the right. After this it will explode through animation. Your screen will tilt to one side as the explosion occurs. Users need not panic as this will not harm your device.

NASA DART: Big Achievement

The DART mission was very important not only for NASA but for the whole world. This is the world’s first mission, in which the Planetary Defense System was tried for the first time to protect the Earth from space. On September 27, a meteorite named Dimorphos was destroyed when it collided with the DART spacecraft. There was no threat to Earth from Dimorphos, but NASA carried out this mission for testing.

Meteorites will be destroyed in space itself

Planetary Defense System is called ‘Kinetic Impactor’ system. Its purpose is to destroy the dangerous meteorites present in space by colliding the spacecraft with them. There are some meteorites in space, which move towards the earth to hit the earth. Like NASA’s DART mission, the speed of such a meteorite can be destroyed in space by colliding with a spacecraft.

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