Do you know about these top 7 technologies of the car? Gets great driving safety

Your car’s software can effectively connect to your smartphone to make driving more comfortable and better. Let’s take a look at the top 7 car technology platforms.

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The automotive industry is always bringing new technologies to develop the latest cars. Nowadays, with the evolving technology platform, cars have become much safer. With this the driving experience has also become tremendous. Driving a car with new technology is going to keep you very safe.

Your car’s software can effectively connect to your smartphone to make driving more comfortable and better. Keeping these things in mind, let’s take a look at the top 7 car technology platforms. These features are currently being worked on. If you are techno friendly and want to make the car experience even better, then you must know about them.

autonomous vehicle

As we already know about Tesla and its special range of self-driving cars. With big moves from artificial intelligence and mobile legends, future self-driving cars will be widely adopted. This is a good sign for the safety of the owners and passengers.

biometric access

Fingerprint scanner is an essential part of today’s smartphones and laptops. Now cars are also all set to integrate the biometric feature. Biometric access will be used in the doors as well as the ignition button. This will definitely increase the safety of your car.

driver overriding

The driver overriding feature defines a situation where the car’s inbuilt software will not obey the driver’s instructions. It will execute those things which are best for the driver. Accidents due to drunken driving can be controlled with this feature.

Vehicle Tracking

Insurance agencies will start offering reduced premium rates in the future for drivers who agree to complete tracking of their driving behaviour. This is an interesting feature that will help in making the roads safer for the common people in future.

alert on window

This is a great feature that will drastically reduce the number of accidents. With the help of this technology, drivers will be able to see the necessary alerts shown on the windows. For example, in case of a hairpin turn, the driver will be able to see an alert.

health monitoring

Your car can now monitor your health so that you can take the right action. A large number of car manufacturers are installing sensors in the seatbelt and steering wheel to monitor your health.

remote shutdown

With the Remote Shutdown feature, you will be able to completely shut down the engine of your car in case of a theft. This is a great feature that will enhance the safety of your car.

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