Do not download this app from google play store by mistake or else your bank account will be empty

Harley Malware has made many apps on the Google Play Store its victim. According to cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, the infected app has been downloaded 48 lakh times. These apps can wipe money from users’ bank accounts.

These apps from Google Play Store steal your bank account information.

Android smartphone users around the world Google Play Store Download your favorite app from However, doing so now can prove to be very dangerous for the users. according to reports cybersecurity Experts have uncovered a new malware, which can empty users’ bank accounts. The name of this malware is Harly, which has made more than 190 apps its victim. These infected apps have been downloaded 48 lakh times. By installing these apps from the Google Play Store, users are in a midst of potential danger.

More than 190 apps affected

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has investigated this Harly malware in depth, according to its blog. This malware is named after the famous comic villain. This malware is like a Joker Trojan and makes the app available on the Google Play Store its victim. So far, there are more than 190 apps on the Google Play Store that have been victimized by Harly malware.

over 48 million downloads

The infected app has been downloaded 48 lakh times. Experts believe that this number could be even higher. But the big question is how does Harly Trojan work. Actually, first of all any app on Google Play Store is downloaded. After this, dangerous codes are entered in it and the app is re-uploaded on Google Play Store under a different name.

does it cheat

Harly Trojan opens the subscription address in an invisible window. In this, the user’s phone number is entered and the necessary buttons are pressed themselves. This malware also enters the confirmation code in the SMS. By doing this the paid subscription plan gets activated and the user does not even know. Not only this, it can also get confirmation from phone calls. Therefore, before downloading any app, users must check its rating and review.

bank account will be empty

Harly Trojan works so smartly that the same features are available in the uploaded infected app, which are given in the description. Because of this, such apps are saved from being caught. According to HT, Kaspersky says that as soon as the infected app is downloaded, Harly starts collecting important information of users under the guise of malware subscription. Even the bank accounts of the users can be wiped from the hands.

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