Disha Patani asked Tiger Shroff, what was the matter that broke the relationship between the two? Learn

Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff have parted ways. Both have spent more than 6 years with each other, but due to a question of direction, both are no longer together.

Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani

Tiger Shroff And Disha Patani The discussion of the break-up is going on for the last two days. This news has now become official. etimes According to reports, both of them have ended their 6-year-old relationship. But do you know why the two parted ways? Tiger and Disha’s friend and ex-couple have revealed the reason for their separation and have told why both of them separated?

Disha wanted to marry Tiger

The ex-couple has revealed that, ‘Ever since Tiger started living separately from his parents, Jackie and Ayesha, Disha and Tiger were living together almost. They had been together for a long time and Disha started feeling like this year that they should get married. ,

Tiger did not want to get married now

He further said that, ‘He had told this thing to Tiger but Tiger avoided it. Of course, he must have told Tiger more than just once or twice, but every time Tiger’s reaction was, no, not yet. Disha wanted to get married but Tiger was not ready to tie the knot at the moment.

Jackie Shroff revealed about both

bollywood news According to reports, Tiger Shroff’s father and actor Jackie Shroff had clearly said in front of the media in March 2022 this year that, Tiger has no plans to get married soon. At that time, news started coming out about both of them that both are planning to get married. Jackie Shroff had said that, ‘Tiger is just married with his work. Tiger is focusing on his work with a laser-like focus. And if he makes any plans for marriage, then he will focus on that.

Recently, Jackie Shroff had said about this relationship that, see, it depends on them whether they are comfortable together or not. This is his love story, our story of mine and my wife Ayesha.

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Disha is not angry with this break-up

The source told ETimes that, ‘Tiger and Disha have no enmity. People have even been saying that Disha has invested more in this relationship. When the source was asked about how Disha took it, the source said, ‘Disha has taken it well, she is not getting angry because of this. Who knows, they might even come back together after some time.

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