Did you also see dog and cat in the video? Everyone is getting confused at first

Seeing the viral video, you will also be deceived whether you have seen a dog or a cat. Since this is a video, in a few seconds your web of confusion will also be cleared.

Everyone got confused after watching this video

In the ‘world of social media’, we are often fed up with such pictures and videos, about which we get very confused. Actually, what we see in these pictures and videos is actually something else. If we talk about pictures, then it requires a sharp mind and a sharp eye. These days a similar video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Seeing which you will also be deceived whether you saw a dog or a cat. Since this is a video, in a few seconds your web of confusion will also be cleared.

At the beginning of the viral video clip, you will see a locality, where there are many houses. After this, as soon as the angle of the camera is zoomed, you will see something like an animal on the roof of a house. When the zoom of the camera is increased further, then gradually the picture starts clearing. Now you will see a dog’s head on a roof. But hold on. This is your illusion. It’s not a dog, it’s a cat. However, even this animal looks like a dog. But the next moment as soon as the zoom is increased further, the dog becomes a cat. Meaning, this is not a dog, it is actually a cat who is sitting on top of the ceiling and looking down at something. So let’s also watch this funny video.

This video has been shared by viralhog on social media platform Instagram. The user wrote in the caption, ‘Dog or cat… what did you see?’ Let us tell you that this video uploaded a day ago is creating panic on Instagram. So far it has been seen more than 56 thousand times. This number is continuously increasing. After watching this video, people have also started registering their reactions.

Commenting on a user, wrote, ‘Confusion is being created in this video, I also first thought that there would be a dog.’ At the same time, another user has written with a smiley, ‘This is both a dog and a cat.’ Apart from this, this video is being liked by social media users so much that they are inviting their friends and relatives to watch it by tagging their friends and relatives in the comment section.

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