DID Supermom: After 6 years on the stage of DID Supermom, Remo D’Souza got emotional after meeting his assistant, now wants to make a comeback after leaving the industry for husband

Remo D’Souza gets emotional after meeting his assistant after 6 years on the stage of DID Supermom,

Remo D’souza Emotional The way this touching meeting of Remo Dsouza and Deepika will win the hearts of the audience, many such emotional moments will be seen in the episode of Dance India Dancer Supermom. Will see you.

Dancing reality show on Zee TV from July 2 dance india dance supermom ,Dance India Dance Supermom) is about to begin. The show will also have a special panel of judges to guide the talented female contestants on their dancing journey and help them fulfill their dreams. In this new panel of judges, popular Bollywood star Bhagyashree Dasani (Bhagyashree) Najaye Aayegi, who is going to make her debut as a judge of the reality show. He was accompanied by DID Original Judge Remo D’Souza (Remo D’souza) will also judge DID Super Moms for the first time and popular Bollywood actor Urmila Matondkar will return after 15 years as a judge on a Hindi entertainment channel’s reality show.

Dance India Dance Supermom will start from next week

Talented ladies who reached the audition round of Dance India Dance Supermom are seen trying their best to impress the judges. During the shooting, Remo D’Souza got a big surprise when his former assistant Deepika came with her child to audition in the show. After almost 6 years, Remo was very excited after seeing Deepika. He told that he always believed that Deepika was very talented, but she suddenly stopped working 6 years ago and after that both of them lost contact.

Remo met his assistant after 6 years

Now seeing Deepika performing so well and fulfilling her passion, Remo promises to pursue her career as she knows how talented she is and believes that Deepika can make her dreams come true. Remo said, I know how talented you are because we have worked together before. I still remember how passionate you were for dance, but 6 years ago you suddenly disappeared from the industry. But I would like to say that I am really happy that you performed with the same energy and enthusiasm.

Remo promised

Further, Remo went on to say, “If you come back to the industry, I can’t even imagine what you will achieve. I still remember when I used to say that you are the best at whatever you do and after watching this performance my words are the same, You are the best. Today I can promise you that we will all help you to start your career again in this industry.

Deepika got emotional after listening to Remo

After listening to Remo, Deepika said, actually I had left the industry 6 years ago and went to Portugal with my husband. Though I had left the industry, I knew that my passion for dance could never fade. Just a few months back a friend of mine called me and told that DID Super Moms is coming back and I should try my hand at it. I was really excited, but I was in a dilemma whether to fulfill my passion or focus on raising my daughter.”

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Know what Deepika has to say

Deepika said that “I did not want my decision to affect my daughter, but my husband always supported me and encouraged me to fulfill my passion, and that is why I am here today.

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