Delhi IAS Transfer: IAS couple, who walked the dog in the stadium, transferred to Ladakh-Arunachal, people asked- where will the dog go now?

IAS who walked the dog in the stadium was blamed

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After the transfer of the IAS couple who walked the dog in the stadium in Delhi, people on Twitter are questioning where will that VVIP dog be now, for which the stadium was vacated. Kutta is trending #WhereWillTheDogGo and #IASOfficer on Twitter.

An IAS couple got costly for a dog walk in Delhi’s Thyagaraj Stadium. The Union Home Ministry has transferred IAS Sanjeev Khirwar and his IAS wife Rinku Dugga. Delhi Hundreds of kilometers away from Sanjeev Khirwar has been sent to Ladakh, while Rinku Dugga has been transferred to Arunachal Pradesh. Now the discussion on social media is in full swing regarding this whole matter. Alam is that Kutta, #WhereWillTheDogGo and #IASOfficer are trending top on Twitter. People are questioning where will that VVIP dog be now, for which the stadium used to be evacuated. At the same time, some people are also searching on Google what is the distance between Arunachal and Ladakh.

The website Indian Express had published a report, in which it was told that sports activities are stopped in Delhi’s Thyagaraj Stadium before the scheduled time so that senior IAS officers can take their dog for a walk there. After this a picture went viral, in which IAS couple Sanjeev Khirwar and Rinku Dugga were seen walking their dog on the race track inside the stadium. After this the IAS couple became a topic of discussion all over the country and then the Union Home Ministry immediately transferred them. Now people on Twitter are sharing funny memes by writing hashtags #IASOfficer and Kutta and questioning whether they were sent in the opposite direction, but where will that poor dog go now.

Funny memes went viral after the transfer of IAS couple

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People’s opinion is divided on the transfer of IAS couple on social media. Some people have welcomed this decision of the Ministry of Home Affairs, while some are against it. People say that this will affect the morale of the officers.

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