Delhi Children vaccination: Vaccination centers to be opened in Delhi schools for children in the age group of 15-18 years

Delhi Children vaccination: The vaccination campaign has been started by the central government for the children of 15-18 age from 3rd January. In the midst of increasing cases of Omicron, all the states should return to their homes as soon as possible. Vaccination of children in the age group of 15-18 years want to complete. Meanwhile, DDE (District) and DDE (Zone) in all the 20 School Health Clinics operated by the Delhi Directorate of Education (DoE) have been given temporary appointments. vaccination center instructed to open. Instructions have been given by the Delhi Government to set up vaccination centers in schools to complete the vaccination of children of 15 to 18 years at the earliest so that Delhi Children vaccination can be completed at the earliest.

Delhi Children vaccination: The emphasis is on early vaccination

The Delhi government has asked all its officers to work closely with the district magistrates to expedite the vaccination. Along with this, the principals of the schools have also been asked to provide additional space for vaccination. Let us tell you that even before this, measures have been suggested by the Directorate of Education to the officials to speed up the vaccination so that the children can be given vaccine protection at the earliest.

Delhi Children vaccination: Vaccination to be monitored

All by Delhi Government for monitoring of vaccination DDE (District) And DDE (Zone) They have been directed to visit the vaccination centers coming under their respective jurisdictions. Along with this, the officials have also been instructed to visit the schools where they will check the records related to vaccination as well as collect other information about it. In vaccination to the head of schools To ensure immunization of more than 80% of the students It has also been said that they will also take information about vaccination from students and parents. More than 20 of the capital by the Delhi government school health clinics Approval has been given for setting up immunization centers for the operating schools.

Delhi Children’s vaccination – The threat of Omicron is on the rise

For information, tell that fast in the country infection of omicron is growing. Since last week, more than 1.5 lakh corona cases are coming in the country every day, mostly related to Omicron variant. In such a situation, the campaign of vaccination to adolescents is being taken forward by the government. Along with this, all necessary efforts are being made by the government to give the first dose of vaccine to the youth population of 15 to 18 years of the country.

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