Deepika Padukone’s condition had become like this during depression, this is how mother helped

Deepika Padukone, who went through depression a few years ago, has once again remembered that time. She told that she thought of committing suicide at that time. His mother helped him during that time.

Deepika Padukone

bollywood actress Deepika Padukone She has once again remembered the time when she was in depression. She is the founder of the mental health NGO The Live Love Laugh Foundation. She has told that it was her mother who recognized those symptoms and helped them. Deepika was speaking at an event in Mumbai.

She said that I will give full credit to my mother that she recognized the signs and symptoms. Everything was going well. I was at career height so there was no clear reason why I felt the way I felt. I will break for no reason.

Deepika used to show herself strong in front of parents

She tells that there were days when I did not want to get up. I wanted to sleep because gold was my rescue at that time. I was suicidal at that time, so had to deal with it. Deepika said that when her parents used to come to her, she had to be strong in front of them. My parents live in Bangalore. Whenever he used to come to me, I always had to show him that everything was fine. You want to show your parents that you are okay.

This is how Deepika’s mother understood

Deepika said that I always did this. Once he was going back to Bangalore and I could not stop myself, cried. My mom asked me simple questions, do you have a boyfriend? Is there anyone at work? Has something happened? And I didn’t have answers… none of them. It actually came from an empty, hollow place and she knew immediately and I think she was sent by God for me.

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Talking about work, Deepika will be seen in Shahrukh Khan’s film Pathan. He also has more fighters from the project in the pipeline. She was recently seen in Gheeyan released on OTT. His film got mixed reactions. She was also in Kabir Khan’s 83, which released last year.

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