Death Anniversary: ​​Om Puri was the friend of friends, saved the life of this veteran actor by risking his life

These friends are none other than Bollywood’s veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah. This incident has been disclosed by Naseeruddin Shah in his autobiography And Then One Day: A Memoir.

Veteran actor Om Puri

There will hardly be anyone who is unfamiliar with the name of Om Puri. Om Puri was the star of Bollywood, who always entertained people by playing his comedy and villain. He has given one of the best films in his cinematic career, which includes many films like ‘Ardh Satya’, ‘Aakrosh’, ‘Malamal Weekly’, ‘China Gate’, ‘Narasimha’ and ‘Maachis’.

Om Puri was a better person than he was a great actor. From common people to friends, Om Puri used to stand ahead to help everyone. He was also called the friend of friends. There is a very big incident involved behind being called Yaaron Ka Yaar, which the fans of Om Puri may be unaware of. Today is the death anniversary of Om Puri and on this special occasion we are going to share this incident with you.

Who was that Bollywood actor, whose life was saved by Om Puri?

Do you know that Om Puri once put his life at stake to save the life of his best friend? Yes, this is true and this friend is none other than Bollywood’s veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah. This incident has been disclosed by Naseeruddin Shah in his autobiography And Then One Day: A Memoir.

The incident took place in a restaurant in the year 1977 and the person who attacked Naseeruddin with a knife was an old friend of his, whose name was Jaspal. He wrote in his book that Om Puri had jumped across the table and subdued the attacker. After this he took her to the hospital and saved her life.

Naseeruddin Shah wrote in his book – I and Om were having dinner during the shooting of the film Bhumika released in 1977, when Jaspal came, whom I knew for a long time, greeted Om Puri. We both ignored each other, but the eyes did meet. I thought he sat at the other table behind me. After a while, I came to know of his presence when I felt a sharp object hit me in the middle of my back.

The actor further wrote – Before I could move, Om jumped on something behind me. I turned and saw Jaspal holding a small knife, the tip of which was dripping blood. His hand rose to strike him again and two others, including Om, rushed to catch him. After catching Jaspal, Om Puri had a fight with the manager of the restaurant, who was waiting for the police to arrive before calling an ambulance.

Referring to the bravery of Om Puri, he further wrote – After this, Om climbed the police car without any permission. Not only this, he also asked the policemen to be gentle for me. He was asked to get out of the car. None of us had any idea where we were headed, but I was praying that it was not a police station. The bleeding was not stopping, the pain was increasing and those policemen were definitely not in a position to understand anything. After asking us a few questions and informing us in Marathi over the radio, we reached the Cooper Hospital in Juhu.

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