Dangerous fight between mongoose and snake, see who got victory and whose air got tight in VIDEO

Dangerous fight between snake and mongoose

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A dangerous video of snake and mongoose fight is going viral on social media. In this video snake and mongoose fight fiercely with each other. Although the mongoose is always heavy in the battle of snake and mongoose, similarly in this video also the mongoose seems to be heavy on the snake.

Since childhood, all of us have heard the tales of the enmity of the snake and the mongoose. Often whenever these two come face to face. A fierce battle is seen between these two. On the one hand, where the snake starts the war with poison, then the same mongoose also responds to each of its attacks with its agility. Wherever they face each other, that place becomes a battlefield. A fierce fight between the two (Mongoose Snake Fight) and no one gives the other a chance to escape. A similar one Video These days it has come to the fore, which you will also be stunned to see.

The old enmity between the mongoose and the snake can be seen in the video. Both seem to be thirsty for each other’s life. On seeing each other they start fighting. While the mongoose wants to catch the snake with his agility, Nagraj also wants to do his work by biting the mongoose. As you must have always heard that in the battle of snake and mongoose, mongoose is always heavy, in the same way in this video also the mongoose seems to be heavy on the snake.

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In the video going viral, you can see that on seeing the snake, the mongoose strikes it with its teeth. The snake does not understand anything due to the sudden attack. However, the snake also retaliates on the mongoose to defend itself. Where he wants to run away after frightening him, but the mongoose knows about every attack of his enemy. After fighting for a while, the snake is badly injured and the mongoose grabs it and goes towards the forest.

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This clip of 1 minute 39 seconds has been shared on YouTube. After seeing which people are surprised and their reactions are being given in the comments. In the comment box of this video, many users have asked for the complete video of this fight of snake and mongoose. Till the time of writing this video, this video has got millions of views and likes.

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