Cute Video: A herd of elephants was walking around the child, people said – this is Z+++ security; watch video

Cute video of herd of elephants went viral

Image Credit source: Twitter

Elephant Cute Video: A video of a herd of elephants is going viral. In which elephants are seen walking on the road surrounding their child. This video has been shared by IFS officer Sushant Nanda and wrote, This is Z+++ security. The video is being told of Coimbatore.

The happiness that is in the family is nowhere else. If the family is together, then it gives strength to fight even in difficult situations. It is the family that takes care of each other’s needs by staying together in happiness and sorrow. By the way, this specialty of family is not only seen in humans, but animals also support their family in the same way. Something similar on social media these days Video It has come to the fore, after seeing which you will also understand whether it is human or animal, the feelings are the same in both. In the video, a herd of elephants is seen walking around a newborn elephant. Seeing this, it seems as if the elephant is walking giving Z + security to the child.

This video going viral is only 38 seconds, but the public of the Internet is very much liked. IFS officer Sushant Nanda has shared this cute video of the elephant on Twitter. He wrote in the caption, ‘No one else on earth can give better protection to a lovely newborn baby than a herd of elephants. This is Z+++ security.’ According to the official, this view is of Satyamangalam Coimbatore Road. So let’s watch this video.

see elephant video

Let us tell you that this video, shared a day ago on Twitter, has been viewed more than 3 lakh 12 thousand times, while the post has received more than 6 thousand likes and more than 900 retweets. This number is continuously increasing. At the same time, after watching the video, people are continuously registering their feedback. Some are cute in the comments, some are saying Chotu Ganesh.

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A user has asked IFS while asking, does baby elephant never get hurt? Because, there are very big elephants in the herd. To this the officer has replied that the child’s mother and aunt are very sensitive about the child. This never happens. Let us tell you that elephants are very gentle type. They do not get into any kind of conflict. But if there is an encounter with elephants, then life can be in danger. Especially when they are with their kids. Therefore, they should not be provoked unnecessarily. Otherwise, what can be the result, you must also know this very well.

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