Cobalt Blue Review: ‘Cobalt Blue’ is a solved story of the complicated story of gay relationships

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Cobalt Blue Movie: This film is based on homosexual relationships, where brothers and sisters fall in love with the same person. Some scenes of the film also testify that Indian cinema is getting more mature with the passage of time.

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Film cobalt blue (Cobalt Blue) Your boyfriend/girlfriend has that bushshirt that closes your eyes just by touching it. The color of love starts to fade on the tips of the fingers, and when you bring it closer to your cheeks, the bushshirt that has been hanging in the cupboard for years smells of love! But still you want to hang it in the cupboard and keep it safe because the color of that shirt is so bright that if it comes out, the society will become ‘blind’!

As the film is based on homosexual relationships, where brothers and sisters fall in love with the same person. Some scenes of the film also testify to the fact that Indian cinema is getting more mature with time or rather that it was mature but now it has learned to take its maturity on the screen and keep it in front of the world.

Sachin Kundalkar is the writer as well as the director of the film Cobalt Blue. He might have wanted to do justice to each and every character he weaved, hence playing the role of a director himself. In 2006, Sachin’s Nobel Marathi language has also come with the same name. The Hindi version of which reached the readers in 2013.

I don’t know how Anuja’s character is in Nobel, but Anuja’s character in the film, despite being more effective than her brother Tanay, still doesn’t come to the foreā€¦ and when it comes, the film starts to end! The film seems to fail to explain a homosexual relationship from a woman’s point of view. Or it would not be wrong to say that a male writer and director could not put forward a female point of view.

The strength of this film lies in its cinematography and an artistic theme. While watching a film shot in a very simple location depicting the 90s, you will feel that an artist is creating your peace of mind and stillness painting, which goes on moving brushes of each color on the canvas and the picture is yours. It is being made in the mind.

Movies made on gay relationships do not get much support in India, so this film is slowly finding its right audience. There is a scene in the film where Tanay sees his sister having a relationship with his own lover and starts walking towards both of them, taking off his shirt, smiling. The film is seen fighting the fight for the LGBT community, despite knowing that the scene might upset the so-called ‘society’ who gets hurt. For this, the praise of Sachin Kundalkar and the team of Cobalt Blue will be less.

If we look at the acting, then Pratik Babbar has given a great performance in the film and it is one of the best films of his career, seeing his performance it is sure that even a character without a name can leave his mark on the audience by acting.

Cobalt Blue More than a film, the campaign that works to raise the voice of the rights of the LGBT community in India over time, but in the middle this campaign becomes cold and now once again when this film is released on Netflix. Again speaking of a community which has always been marginalised.

There are some flaws in the film, they can be overlooked and I think with time those flaws will gradually reduce with such films. Looking at Cobalt Blue, you will find that every director and writer who has made a film on gay relationships has assumed that only people associated with the field of art are gay or that such an image is constantly being kept in front of the audience, and probably because of this. Since when people see a young man or girl with purple colored hair on the street, they raise their eyebrows. For this, now it is very important to make the audience understand that even a normal looking person can be gay and there is nothing wrong in that.

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