Chinese hackers are eyeing your phone, important information is flying through the app

If cyber experts are to be believed, then China’s app is getting into the country very fast from the backdoor. After downloading the app, people’s information and pictures reach these hackers.

hackers on your phone

Are you one of those people whose hobby is to do photography on the go and download the app without checking. So believe that your phone is being watched by hackers from neighboring countries. And do you know that such a hacker is also trying to steal information through your phone. Actually downloaded on mobile phone app Through this, other countries are constantly trying to know things related to national security. In such a situation, even a little carelessness of yours can create problems for the country. If you do not believe then read this report

How is China spying?

Cyber ​​expert Mohit Yadav told in a special conversation with TV9 Bharatvarsh that the backdoor entry of Chinese app in India is increasing very fast. For this he is using bypass medium. A tool that our servers simply can’t catch. Ban app is being downloaded easily in the country through these tools. Mohit said that such apps are now being downloaded in another way instead of Google Play Store or Apple Store. The same situation is happening in Apple mobiles where all the apps are being downloaded through the jail break system.

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your picture tells a lot

Cyber ​​experts said that hackers are now trying to track information and location of people through the hacked picture. If there is a chance of getting any important information from the photos, then hackers try to extract all your information. This is the reason why people living on the border of India are being targeted a lot through these apps. Cyber ​​hackers have an eye on every picture and video footage of these people. The Indian Army has also talked about testing its soldiers before downloading many types of apps.

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