Chennai businessman trapped in cryptocurrency fraud, lost 18 million in the guise of high returns

cryptocurrency fraud

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A Chennai businessman was lured by two people from Gujarat to invest in cryptocurrencies and get high returns. By falling in their trap, the businessman invested Rs 1.8 crore. For this the help of an online trading portal was taken. Later, the case of fraud came to light when the return money was not received.

Cryptocurrency fraud in Chennai (Cryptocurrency Fraud) has come to the fore. The name of cryptocurrency has grown in many incidents in the country and the world. The case of Chennai is new in that. The latest case is related to a businessman from Chennai who cryptocurrency 1.8 crore rupees have been defrauded in the fraud. In this incident of fraud, the names of two people from Surat, Gujarat have come to the fore. These two people are accused that they took that businessman from Chennai on the hood and carried out the fraud of Rs 1.8 crore. According to the report, both the accused made the businessman invest in cryptocurrencies.Cryptocurrency investmentIncited to ), bumper returns (High Returns) and flew away with the money from him.

After this incident, the businessman complained to the police, after which the whole matter came to light. During the interrogation of the businessman, the curtain was raised on both the accused and the police caught them. During interrogation, the names of Prakash Bhagwan Bai (39) and Suresh, who were detained from a hotel in Meenambakam, Tamil Nadu, emerged. Police investigation revealed that Chennai-based businessman Ravi Nabera (46) had come in contact with these two fraudsters and there was talk of investing in cryptocurrencies. Investigation revealed that Ravi Nabera had come in contact with these two accused in Pune, Maharashtra in 2021. The matter got worse after this.

what is the event

Something happened that in the meeting, Prakash (accused) lured Nabera to invest in cryptocurrency. Prakash told that if you invest in cryptocurrencies, you will earn big and get high returns. Suresh was also with Prakash who was taking Nabera on a bluff. Both these accused gave many fabricated examples to trap Ravi Nabera in the trap, in which the subject of big money was shown. Nabera had not been able to know the intention of these two people till then. In the greed of high returns and overnight earnings, Nabera made up his mind to invest in crypto. times now Quoting a report of ‘Times of India’, has written that after coming to the words of the accused, the businessman invested Rs 1.8 crore. He invested money through online trading platform.

how the accused were caught

Since the accused had given a time limit within which the return money was to be received. In those days when the return was not received, Ravi Nabera’s concern increased. Ravi Nabera raised the matter in front of Prakash, but Prakash kept avoiding the question and could not give any clear answer. This made Ravi Nabera suspect that he had been cheated. On asking more questions, the accused threatened the businessman and told him to face the consequences. After this Ravi approached the police and lodged a complaint. Based on the complaint, the police arrested both the accused. Interrogation of these two accused from Gujarat is going on. More connections are likely to emerge in the incident.

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