Cheetah wanted to hunt deer, watch the video, after all, due to which the water went back on the plans of the hunter

A funny video of a cheetah and a deer is going viral on social media these days, in which a cheetah wanted to make a deer its prey but in the end, its plans go awry.

Shocking video of cheetah and deer

Image Credit source: twitter

predatory animal (Wildlife Video) are always in search of their prey and attack them as soon as they get a chance. These animals use both cunning and speed to catch the prey. These animals, on the strength of their strength and amazing energy, complete the work of other animals in a moment. Especially, the style of big animals like lion, cheetah is worth seeing. Many such videos are shared on social media, in which animals can be seen hunting each other. But it is not necessary that every time they fall prey to their hands, sometimes their hands are left empty. In recent times one such viral Video has surfaced.

In the video you can see that a deer is caught by a cheetah and he wants to make it his prey, seeing the cheetah in front of him, the deer neither panics nor tries to run away from there. In such a situation, when the cheetah pounces on him to make him his prey, then due to the enclosure, he does not succeed in his plan and remains helpless and just keeps looking.

watch this video

This funny video has been shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service officer Sushant Nanda. With this, he has written giving a funny caption – Window shopping by Cheetah..! Till the time of writing the news, this video has got more than 62 thousand views. Along with this, funny comments are being made on this video.

Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘Cheetah could not do its shopping due to the fence barrier.’ On the other hand, another user wrote, ‘If the security cover is really strong then the fear ends..! Another user wrote, ‘I am surprised to see the reaction of the cheetah.’ Apart from this, many other users have made funny comments on this.

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