Buying this geyser from the market is expensive, the government has banned it, see if you have bought it

The government has banned 1 star electric water heaters in the country. From January 1, 2023, such geysers will not be sold in the market. The Power Ministry has issued a notification in this regard. So avoid buying One Star geyser.

One Star geyser banned in India (indicative picture)

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One Star Geyser Banned: In the market as soon as winter comes Geyser The demand increases. In severe cold, people use hot water more. so people to heat water new geyser Let’s buy. If you are also troubled by the cold, and are about to buy a new geyser, then take a look at this news. The government has made a new rule regarding geysers, under which the production of One Star geysers will be banned from next year.Geyser ban) will take. This means that from January 1, no company will be able to sell One Star electric water heaters.

If customers buy such water heater or geyser then they will have to bear the loss. Buying one star geyser from the market in the name of cheap geyser can cost you a lot. Before this, we are telling you why the government has banned One Star Electric Water Heater. After all, why such a situation has come that the government is stopping their sale from January 1, 2023.

Power ministry notification: In the notification issued by the Ministry of Power, it has been said that after January 1, 2023, one star electric water heaters will not be sold in India. The government is banning such water heaters and geysers from next year. So if you are about to buy a new geyser, do not buy one star geyser even by mistake.

Electric Water Heater Gazette

Power Ministry Notification (Photo-Credit: Gazette of India)

That’s why these geysers got banned: The Power Ministry has said that One Star electric geysers consume a lot of electricity. This not only causes loss of electricity, but also increases the electricity bill of the users. In view of the low performance of One Star Electric Water Heaters, the government believes that the performance level of storage type heaters should be increased.

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Cheap geyser will be expensive: Before buying any electric product, it must be checked how many stars it has got. The price of electric product is decided by the star itself. Most of the electric products available in the market are of three star or five star rating. In these, the cost of five star products is high and the cost of three star products is less. Whereas, one star electric product is available very cheap. However, buying a one star product in the name of cheapness can cost you dearly.

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