Budget 2022: Here are the 5 most important figures of the budget, you will get the full account of the government’s earnings expenditure

15 percent of the government’s income comes from income tax. Wherein 7 percent comes from excise duty, 15 percent from corporation tax, 16 percent from GST.

5 most important figures of the budget

Budget means the accounting of earnings and expenses, which is not easy for everyone to understand. If we talk about a fast growing economy like India, then the budget (Budget) these figures become even more difficult and difficult. However, despite all this, everyone wants to know that after all the government’s earnings (Revenue) how much and how much is she going to spend. Today we will give you 5 most important figures given in the balance sheet of the government in very simple words. Key Budget data) are going to tell about. If you read these figures, then you will understand that how much the government has earned and how much will be spent and if the expenditure is more than the earnings, then how will the government make up this shortfall. Here are the 5 most important figures of the budget which will answer all your questions.

where does the money come from and where does it go

Before going to the balance sheet, let us first tell you from where the government’s income comes from and where is the expenditure. 15 percent of the government’s income comes from income tax. At the same time, 7 percent from excise duty, 15 percent from corporation tax, 16 percent from GST, 5 percent from customs, 5 percent from non-tax revenue, 35 percent from debt, 2 percent from non-debt capital receipts. On the other hand, 15 percent on central sector schemes, 10 percent on finance commission and other transfers, 17 percent on states’ share in tax, 20 percent on interest payment, 8 percent on defense, 8 percent on subsidy, Center On the sponsor scheme, 9 percent is spent on pension, 4 percent and 9 percent on other expenses. Now read 5 important figures.

Rs 39.44 lakh crore – income

The budget presented today is Rs 39.44 lakh crore, that is, the government is going to spend this amount in this budget. In the last budget, the government’s estimate was more than Rs 34 lakh crore, although it was later revised to Rs 37.70 lakh crore.

Rs 27.57 lakh crore – earning from tax

After spending, now it comes to earning, then the above figure is of the government’s earnings. The government has estimated that in the next financial year, the income from tax, which includes all directors, in direct and cess, together can be Rs 27.57 lakh crore. In this, the tax share of the state governments is about Rs 8 lakh crore. That is, about 19 lakh rupees will be left with the central government.

Rs 16.61 lakh crore – Debt

If we look at the above figures, it is known that the income of the central government is less than its expenditure by Rs 20 lakh crore. The government has given an estimate that to meet the gap, it will take a loan of Rs 16.61 lakh crore.

Rs 2.70 lakh crore – non-taxable revenue

A significant part of the government’s income comes from non-tax revenue. It includes dividends received from government companies, Reserve Bank etc. According to estimates, the government can get non-tax revenue of about Rs 2.7 lakh crore.

65 thousand crore rupees – disinvestment

If you add all the above earnings and expenditure figures, then still an amount of about 65 thousand crores is left to equalize the expenditure. The government will raise this amount through disinvestment in government companies. So in this way the government will equal its income and expenditure. These figures are the estimates of the government and may change during the financial year.

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