Bring home Hyundai Creta for just Rs 6.86 lakh, such opportunities are not available every day

Hyundai Creta Price: If the budget is not being made to buy a new Hyundai Creta, then no problem, today we are going to tell you how you can bring Creta under your house for less than Rs 7 lakh.

Get a cheap Hyundai Creta at home here: See how (Photo: Hyundai)

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Updated on: Nov 10, 2022 | 11:13 am

Second Hand Cars: if you too Hyundai like the cars of the company and you Creta If you want to bring home but have dropped the plan after seeing the price, then do not be disappointed. Today, through this article, we will tell you how you can build a house under your house for less than Rs 7 lakh. Hyundai Creta Can bring it up. Let us tell you that you will not get a new Creta at this price but you can buy the old Creta at this price. On Spinny, an online platform that sells used vehicles, Creta is being sold for just Rs.6 lakh 86 thousand. Let us tell you how much this car has been driven, what year is the model of this car.

In which location is this car available: According to the information given on the Spinny, this Hyundai car is available in Noida Sector 38. Let us tell you that this car is being sold by its first owner, you will get this car not with petrol but with diesel variants.

Hyundai Creta details: This car will be available with manual transmission, if you want to know where is the registration of this car, then tell that you will get this car with UP registration. This car has been driven for 90,479 km. Let us tell you that with this car you will also get insurance till November 2023 next year, that is, after buying the car, you will not have to spend money for insurance separately.

Hyundai Creta Price: You can bring this Hyundai car home on Spinny for 6 lakh 86 thousand rupees. Let us know that the price of the diesel model in the Noida location of the new Creta starts from Rs 1,094,200 lakh which goes up to Rs 1,824,000 lakh, let us tell you that these prices are ex-showroom prices.

Creta Spinny

(photo credit – spinny)

Note: This information given about Hyundai Creta is according to the information given on Spinny, an online platform that sells used vehicles. We would advise you not to make payments without checking the car and documents or without getting the payment from the owner of the car. Check the documents yourself before paying the money.

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