Booster Dose: How many days should be the difference between the booster and the previous dose, register like this

Booster Dose: To deal with the growing threat of the third wave of corona once again in the country, the government has intensified its preparations, for which now a vaccine is needed to avoid corona. Booster Dose (Precautionary Dose) The third dose of the vaccine to protect the country’s front line workers, health care workers as well as the elderly aged 60 years and above who are battling serious diseases. 10 January 2022 installation has been started. So let us know what is this booster dose and why it is necessary to apply it.

How many days should be the gap between the booster and the previous dose?

They will be given Booster Dose

Due to the rapidly spreading infection of Corona epidemic, cases are increasing day by day in many states like Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan etc. Front line workers, health care workers Those who have already been given two doses of corona vaccine will now be given a third booster dose, along with Senior citizens aged 60 years or more The third dose of this booster dose will also be administered to the state, so that the increasing cases of Omicron will be reduced every day and people will be protected from corona.

Know what else is necessary booster dose

Booster Dose To keep people safe from the infection of the new variant of the corona epidemic, Omicron, the Kovid is the third dose of vaccine, the release of which was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month, it is necessary for the people to get this dose. Because the immunity in the body of people is gradually decreasing due to the passage of a long time after the first and second doses of Karna, and this new variant of Omicron has been used for the first and second doses of corona. Doctors and experts are also advising people to apply the third dose (booster dose) of corona to increase immunity to avoid the disease caused by this virus in the body.

Booster Dose: After how many days after the second dose, you can get the booster dose

Those people who have got the first and second doses of the Kovid vaccine, they will be eligible to get its third dose. Booster dose of second dose of Kovid 9 months (36 weeks) Before this, no person will be considered eligible for the third dose, along with this, the same person will be given the same vaccine of booster dose as they were given in the first and second dose, that is, if a person If the first and second dose of Kovishield has been taken, then the third dose will also be given to Kovishield.

Register on Cowin Portal for Booster Dose

Only eligible persons (front line workers, health care workers, senior citizens of 60 years of age or above) can get themselves registered for the booster dose. Cowin Portal or App After completing the process of registration by visiting the vaccination center, selecting the date and time of vaccination, if you do not have your Aadhar card, then you will have to go to the center with all the documents along with the PAN card or the registered mobile in which the appointment has been booked.

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