Bonsai Plant Business Idea: Start cultivation of this plant in just 20 thousand rupees, earning up to 4 lakhs; know how

Bonsai Plant Business Idea: If you also want to start your own small employment and want to earn more profit from small employment then this business idea will be very useful for you. Yes, now you can easily earn up to lakhs by investing less money. We are talking about Bonsai Plant Business Idea. As you know Bonsai plant is in great demand in today’s time because it is a plant which is considered as goodluck. Citizens keep this plant in their homes as good luck.

Citizens can earn a lot through this plant. Along with this, the Modi government will also provide financial assistance to the citizens for the cultivation of this plant. Let us know more information about how you will be able to earn pearl money by starting this business.

Start the cultivation of Bonsai Plant in just 20 thousand

Citizens can cultivate this bonsai plant with only 20 thousand rupees and can earn up to 4 lakhs. According to you, you can start this business from small or big level first and gradually increase the business by making profits.

Know how much will be the cost of one plant

In today’s time, this plant is used as goodluck. People keep it for decoration in their homes and offices. It also looks very beautiful in appearance, due to which its demand is also increasing a lot, so the price of a plant in the markets From Rs.200 to Rs.2500, All the people in the country who are fond of bonsai plant are ready to pay even the asking price to buy it.

You can start business in two ways

If you want to start a business by growing plants on your own in less money, then for this you have to two to five years Will have to wait till now because bonsai plant takes time to grow. Along with this, if you do not want to do this, then you can take the bonsai plant prepared in the nursery and sell it at a price of 30% to 50%.

Will need these items

To start Bonsai Plant Business (Bonsai Plant Business Idea), you need clean water, sandy soil, sand, glass pot or pot, very tall honeycomb or ground (100 or 150 sq.), clean pebbles or glass tablet, thin wire. , spray bottle (for spraying water), mesh (for making shed) etc. may be required. That is, if you want to start your business in a small scale, then your expenditure can be up to 5 thousand and if you want to start your business in a bigger scale then your expenditure can be up to 20 thousand.

Government will help for plant cultivation

Let us tell you that the average cost of three years will be Rs 240 per plant. In this, the government will give an assistance of Rs 120 for each sapling. That is, 50% assistance will be given by the government for each plant. In all the states except the North East, 50% of the government and 50% of the citizens will be given for agriculture. Whereas in the North East, 60% of the government will give financial help and 40% of the citizens themselves will have to invest money for farming.

A citizen can plant 1500 to 2500 trees in a hectare according to his need and species. These bonsai plants may take 4 years to become ready, after which you can get a good amount. You will not even need to transplant every year because bamboo plants live like this for 40 years.

Do this business in just 30 thousand, will earn 1 to 2 lakh rupees

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