Bollywood vs Tollywood: Tollywood overtakes Bollywood on Pan India, is it time to adopt South Cinema?

Tollywood heavy on Pan India

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Indian cinema is also passing through a period of change. At the same time, the cross-pollination that the actor talks about is also about helping people outside traditional boundaries.

Manik Sharma: These days the craze of South Cinema is everywhere in the film industry. In such a situation, Indian cinema is also passing through a phase of change. Ever since the movie ‘Bahubali’pan-India‘ (Pan India) film idea Since then the audience has adopted regional language films as a national one. It is well known that Punjabi and Bengali cinema has not yet been adopted in the industry like South cinema. South films dominate the box office as soon as they are released in theatres. However, of course, the southern states have the place of a language that is understood by everyone, even if it is not easily understood.

This era is more of South films than Hindi films. The recently released film South Remakes overtook Bollywood at the box office. The film RRR, Pushpa and KGF: Chapter 2 is based on the creation of a new mythographic demographic of South Blockbuster Baahubali. These films are showing a pan-India spread, which the Hindi film industry probably did not see a decade ago.

At the same time, Akshay Kumar’s film Samrat Prithviraj has been released on Friday, June 3. On the other hand, Kamal Haasan’s Vikram has also knocked in theaters on June 3. Now there will be a tremendous competition between these two films. In such a situation, there are talks about whether Akshay’s film is successful or not at the pan-India level.

During an interview after the release of the film RRR, Telugu cinema’s megastar Jr NTR, while highlighting the shortcomings of Hindi films, said that “I think the last time two actors played a big role together in a masala film. That film was Shahrukh and Salman’s Karan Arjun, released in the year 1995. Apart from this, the actor also raised the issue of cross-pollination in his interview.

Jr. NTR raised the issue of cross-pollination

At the same time, the cross-pollination that the actor talks about is also about helping people outside traditional boundaries. Actors from southern states like Dhanush and Rajinikanth have done amazing performances in Bollywood. Despite this, he could only leave a normal impact on the industry. The reason for this is that he was not given a chance to maintain his cultural identity in Hindi cinema.

There is a disturbance in the ecosystem of Hindi film production

When Rajinikanth was at the height of his stardom, countless filmmakers cast him in films of their own accord, but despite the lead role, he could never keep pace with the audience of Hindi cinema. The same thing can be said for actor R Madhavan. Because, like other actors, Madhavan also lacks fan following. Actually, the direct reason for this problem is the ecosystem of Hindi film production. Who wants to remake his films instead of helping from the film industry of the southern states. South actors are cast as Bollywood actors in Bollywood films. Rather, if seen properly, the stories should be written in such a way that allows the South actors to maintain their cultural identity.

Kamal Haasan raised the issue of cross-pollination

On the other hand, there is a similar mentality in the South as well. But, at this time Bollywood needs it more. Talking about the characters of Muthu (Ravindra Vijay) and Ajji (Samantha) in the film The Family Man, this is the biggest and most accurate proof of this. Kamal Haasan once raised this spirit of cross-pollination with loud noise but as a result he was thrown out of the South Industry. The creativity of the Hindi film industry is largely confined within its limits. This can be gauged from the fact that some of the successful films of the industry have not yet experienced the exchange of fans. Which is often seen in South films.

These actors will work together in the next sequel of Pushpa: The Rise

Fahad Faasil, the most popular face of Malayalam new wave films is all set to work with Telugu star Allu Arjun in the next sequel of blockbuster hit Pushpa: The Rise. When this kind of performance and cultural ideology is exchanged, the film studio works to advance cinema by going beyond the concepts and ideas of the executive. The troubles Bollywood is going through is not just about any subject or star power but also about technical craft and aesthetic treatment. The kind of appeal and visual authority shown by the directors and technicians of the southern states, it can be said that they are far ahead of the Hindi film industry. The proof of this is KGF- Chapter 2 and RRR.

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Will there be a change in the ideology of Bollywood?

At the same time, talk about the hardcore filmmakers of Bollywood, it can be claimed that Bollywood does much more ‘meaningful’ work than Tollywood. The makers feel that Bollywood is losing its identity in theatres. Also, OTT is moving ahead on the platform. All these questions can be answered only by structural changes. Bollywood has to accept the fact that perhaps India’s most explosive and important personality is working in South Cinema. Only after accepting this truth can Bollywood save itself in this war. Many times before this, the Hindi film industry has distanced many outsiders from itself, but now they should be welcome. However, it should be your choice whether you are able to prepare yourself for the change or are you satisfied with the current situation.

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