Beggar was begging at the shop as a handicapped, then after seeing what happened, you will think a hundred times before begging!

You must have seen many beggars begging on the road, but sometimes there are people who become dramatically disabled and take advantage of the kindness of people and beg on the streets. A similar video has surfaced in recent days.

Shocking video of beggar

Be it traffic signal or market, shop or parking or outside any mall, begging as soon as you reach beggar viral video) ones reach you. Most of these people are them. Among them there are many beggars who do not have any problem in their hands and feet, yet they beg people by pretending to be handicapped. one related to Video It is becoming increasingly viral on social media in which a person is seen begging people by pretending to be a handicapped beggar. But, this drama of his does not go on for long and a person exposes him.

In the viral video, you can see that a person is standing at the shop and buying goods, but then a beggar reaches there. Seeing whom it seems that he does not have a hand and is very helpless and by taking advantage of his helplessness, he tries to beg, but, the person becomes suspicious of him and he does something that seeing you The ground will slip under the feet.

Actually, the man picks up his shirt where he hid his hands. Seeing the behavior of the beggar, he also starts laughing and then the beggar also laughs to maintain his remaining honour. Knowing the truth of the beggar, you must have also been shocked. You must be thinking that in today’s time it is difficult to trust anyone.

watch this video

Users are also surprised to see this video and their own reactions are being given through comments. One user wrote, ‘It’s called Ultra Pro Max scam.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Here people are getting money for free, which can be distributed to people like these.’ Apart from this, many other users gave their reaction through comments on this. The video of this video has been shared on Instagram with an account named ‘trolls_official’. More than nine lakh people have seen this video in a short time.

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