Before buying a second hand car, check whether the meter reading has been tampered with

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Users take many precautions before buying a second hand car. But sometimes some people fall in the trap of wrong car meter reading. Due to this they may have to bear heavy losses.

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Jun 07, 2022 | 4:07 PM

There is a huge market for second hand cars, in which there are many options from online to offline. Buyers get excited after seeing the condition of the car and the low reading in the meter, after which they move ahead in the deal. But sometimes gullible customers fall prey to tampering with the repainted car and the meter reading of the car, for which they have to bear the brunt of their car earning. In this way, in order to protect the second hand car from fraud, we are going to tell how we can recognize the tampering of the meter of a second hand car.

Follow these tips to catch second hand car meter tampering

  1. Check service history: To know the correct meter reading of any car, always check the service history. Actually, during the car service of the showroom, its reading is noted and stored in the server.
  2. Check Extra Switch on Car Dashboard: To check for tampering with the meter of the car, it is important to look at the dashboard carefully. Also check the bottom part of it. If you do not see the switch, then check about it.
  3. Is there a meter replacement sticker anywhere in the car? In fact, after replacing the meter, many service centers or workshops also put a sticker of its warranty. In such a situation, you should note that there is no such sticker in the car.
  4. Keep in mind while test driving: Before buying a second hand car, keep in mind whether the meter is working properly or not. If the meter shakes or you think it has been removed and fitted again, understand that the meter may be tampered with.
  5. Remove the carpet of the car or say that the clothes lying inside, sometimes the body of the car rusts, due to which the users may have to face a lot of trouble, such as water in the car etc.

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