Bangladesh is ahead of us, and the government is talking about Kashmir: Pakistani intellectuals.

Bangladesh is ahead of us, and the government is talking about Kashmir: Pakistani intellectuals.

This is true of most people in Pakistan. But there are some people in Pakistan who dare to tell the truth. There are some intellectuals of Pakistan who have highlighted the true state of Pakistan. Hassan Nisar is one of those brave people in Pakistan. Hasan Nisar is a renowned intellectual from Pakistan who honestly portrays the reality of Pakistan. With the recent withdrawal of 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan has begun to groan. Of these, Hasan Nisar is an intellectual who portrays the reality of Pakistan

A video of Hasan Nisar has recently gone viral on social media. Where Hassan Nisar says, the Pakistani government and Kashmir are talking about frosting their territory. Hasan Nisar said Bangladesh is now ahead of Pakistan. Hasan Nisar claims that the currency of Bangladesh has gone beyond the currency of Pakistan. Below is a video for readers of what Hasan Nisar is saying.

Hasan Nisar remarks that Bangladesh’s financial situation is better than that of Pakistan. Made in Pakistan 1947, Bangladesh 1971. However, Hasan Nisar remarked that Bangladesh is making huge progress. If the financial situation of Bangladesh is going up, people of Pakistan are not able to collect it twice. Referring to this, Kashmir is in deep anger at the Indian government’s withdrawal from Kashmir. Pakistan with China’s help pulled the Kashmir issue up to the UNSC. India won there, though.

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