Bande did such injustice to Momos, people started doing ‘Hi-Hi’ after watching the video

A street vendor has done such a feat to add a twist to the taste of momos, seeing that the anger of social media users has reached the seventh heaven. Momo lover watch this video at your own risk.

You must have eaten many types of momos, but have you ever eaten momo chaat?

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if you too momos If you are fond of food, then watch this video at your own risk. Because, you may lose your temper after watching this. Maggi, Burger, Pizza, Manchurian, Chocolates momo recipe In the same way, the minds of the people have been blown. At the same time, now that a street vendor has played with momos in the name of fusion, it is nothing less than atrocity. viral clip Seeing this, the anger of the people has reached the seventh heaven.

You must have eaten many types of momos, but have you ever ‘momo chaat‘Have you eaten? No, then now also see how this strange dish is made? In the viral clip, you can see that the vendor sprinkles chaat masala on the momos after frying them. Then after adding dry ginger and green chutney, he puts whipped curd on it. After this, after sprinkling chaat masala again, again pouring both the chutney and serve it with pomegranate seeds and beetroot.

Watch the video of momos chaat here

The video of the recipe of Momo Chaat has been shared by a user named radiokarohan on the social media platform Instagram. Expressing great displeasure, the user has given a caption, write hi-hi in the comment. Then what was there. Seeing the recipe of Momo Chaat, people’s mercury also became high. Now seeing this clip, people are talking about different things. Somebody is telling the shopkeeper that the shopkeeper is telling lies, then some say – now the poor momos also started being tortured.

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Commenting on a user wrote, I oppose this in support of momos community. At the same time, another user says, this guy playing with Momo will end up in hell like this. Another user has written while commenting, ‘Tikki must be asking if I should leave my job. Overall, social media users are quite furious after seeing the recipe of Momo Chaat.

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