As I said before, again- the land of the Hindus of Kashmir, Pakistan has no rights here: Imam Tawhidi, Islamic cleric.

Imam Tawhidi, Islamic cleric Talked on Jammu Kashmir act 370. He said again said that the land of the Hindus of Kashmir, Pakistan has no rights here

India’s secular and fundamentalist people think that Kashmir belongs to them. But an Islamic expert says that Kashmir is older than Islam the religion. He claimed that Kashmir has existed in the world since the name of Islam was not in the world. Kashmir is more than a thousand years old and its name is based on the name of Kashmir, the Hindu sage. Rishi Kashyap was a resident of Kashmir. But later Hindus were removed from Kashmir because of the invaders and secularists.

But if you throw someone out of his house, that house does not become yours, you are just occupying it. Occupying a home does not mean that the home is yours, the home is the ones who made it. Imam Tawhidi is well aware of who is in Kashmir, who settled Kashmir. See what he says in his own words:

Even today Imam Tawhidi has said that and , “Kashmir is the land of Hindus. The claim made by Pakistan and the insane fundamentalists about Kashmir is wrong. Kashmir is the land of the Hindus and they are the ones who make it populous. And no one can suppress this information”. At present, Kashmir has become a major problem in the name of Jihad and Islam, separating Kashmir from India. Many foreign powers are behind this.

Much money from abroad is funded in Pakistan and Kashmir to spread the Wahhabi judiciary. For which Kashmir has become a haven for terrorism. Although the rest of the intellectuals have been hiding in this regard, Imam Tawhidi has openly shed light on the subject. The present government has stepped into the project to make Kashmir a paradise. Section 370 has been abolished from Kashmir. For this section, the army could not take action against the Kashmiri terrorists, stoners. Kashmir had a separate constitution for so long. But this time the situation will change. 370 abolished Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. From now on, Jammu and Kashmir will have a direct center rule and will follow the Indian constitution. Where anti-Indian activity cannot be done in any way.

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