Arun Jaitley also taught the driver and Cook’s son in the school where he taught his son and daughter.

Veteran leader Arun Jaitley, who is also the former finance minister, breathed his last at the age of 66 on Saturday, August 24. Arun Jaitley read about people who used to make their statements, and follow them in their own lives. Arun Jaitley also looked after his employees’ families as his own family because he used to be a part of the family in his employees. His employees also treated Jaitley as a member of their family, such as giving medication and taking care of his diet.

Arun Jaitley, who taught his own son and daughter to his school, taught his driver and cook’s son to the girls there. Arun Jaitley used to perform many important duties to improve the quality of life of his personal staff. He was also taught the children of these employees at the same Carmel Convent School in Chanakyapuri, where his children studied. If any talented child of the employees was interested in studying abroad, Jaitley would send him to study abroad where Jaitley’s boys and girls are studying. About 3 employees, including driver Jagan and assistant Padma, have been associated with the Jaitley family for the past two-three decades. The children of three of these employees are still studying abroad.

Jaitley’s own cook’s daughter was studying in London. Jaitley has sent a girl to Lundle to study for the staff of Jaitley’s family cooking. One of Gopal Bhandar’s associates, who has been a shadow in parliament, has become a doctor and another boy an engineer. Besides, Surendra was the most important face of all the staff. He was with Jaitley during the court practice.

He was responsible for overseeing all work from the home office. Jaitley took on all the responsibilities of starting a job for boys and girls, from the fees of their employees who wanted to get an MBA or any other professional course. Jaitley gifted his No. 1 asset car with the number of 6666 to his assistant OP Sharma’s son during his studies at Loy.

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