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The Arab affiliate market has shown steady growth in recent years. It’s a proven fact that Indian citizens follow the global trend of buying goods and services through the Internet.

Webmasters, influencers, and in general, all people who create engaging content, can take advantage of this by creating a profitable affiliate business, which can be done from home.

How does it work? The entrepreneur chooses the best offers for affiliates in India and monetizes their traffic by sending customers to a wide range of companies. With a few clicks, you can get customized links to start promoting any company offered in the ArabClicks portfolio and start sharing the best affiliate network offers on your site.

Why ArabClicks?

ArabClicks is a top Arab affiliate network working as a hub of services, bringing together hundreds of brands that cover almost all current needs. The ArabClicks platform is specifically designed to serve the Middle East market, including of course companies offering services in India. Although there may be hundreds of reasons to chose ArabClicks for your affiliate business, in this article, we choose the most significant ones:

Top and profitable brands

With over 100 brands in its portfolio, ArabClicks covers all markets virtually. Top brands like Emirates, Namshi, or even global brands like GAP or eBay are available on the ArabClicks platform. No matter what your area of expertise, it is most likely that ArabClicks will cover it:

  • Travel and tourism;
  • Luxury watches and jewellery;
  • Fashion clothing;
  • Coupons;
  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • Sports betting;
  • Entertainment;
  • Trading;
  • E-commerce

Each company has different terms and conditions, which are easy to find on the ArabClicks website.

Mobile app

With a potential market of 650 million people (growing about 10% every year), not having a mobile strategy is not an option for an Indian affiliate. When you click on the Arabclicks app download button, you get access to an advanced platform to monetize your traffic.

You can create promotional links directly from your smartphone, a fantastic feature for social network influencers, travel, or food sites because you can share your live experience by monetizing it at the same time.

Be sure to host mobile-friendly content (adapt the size of your site, post good pictures, etc.) to make the most of the traffic from mobile devices.

Fast payouts

An affiliate must receive prompt and on-time payments. ArabClicks offers a real-time monitor to check all your transactions, and up to two payments each month.

Affiliates can choose from several payment methods, including international bank transfers, checks, PayPal, Western Union, and others.

The ArabClicks affiliate panel gives you all the necessary information on a page, and you can easily monitor your business progress with a few clicks.

VIP Club

ArabClicks VIP Club is the perfect way to boost your profits and get personal treatment. The requirementso join the ArabClicks VIP club must be confirmed when creating your affiliate business, and the benefits are countless:

Better Payments: the commissions for the VIP Club members are higher than for regular affiliates;

Personal Service: ArabClicks will devote a key account manager to handle all your needs;

Better Offers: Some advertisers post private offers that have better commissions, secret discount codes, and more benefits;

VIP Events: improve your networking by joining the private events organized by ArabClicks.

Customer service

ArabClicks has a 360º vision to take care of its clients. Key account managers from all departments (finance, technical support, etc.) are available 24/7 to resolve any question or situation you may have.

Bringing this amazing customer service to your visitors is crucial to create loyal traffic, which in the end is the one responsible for a significant proportion of your income as an affiliate.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on ArabClicks website covers all the basics, and if you have more doubts, you can always contact an agent or visit the ArabClicks Academy.

ArabClicks Academy

You don’t need to be an expert affiliate to start earning with ArabClicks. If you are starting on the market, the Academy covers almost all the skills necessary to run a thriving affiliate business for Indian clients:

Social Media Marketing;

Affiliate Guide;

Influencer Marketing;

Terms and Definitions;

One thing is sure: if you want to boost your profits, mastering affiliate skills is a must, and the ArabClicks academy is the way to go, and the best thing is that all content is free of charge.


Partnering with ArabClicks to manage your affiliate business is the best decision you can make. By working with the best Arab affiliate network, you get the best deals and support to set up your site and attract traffic, and with that, you have the cornerstone of your business.


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