Apple iOS 16 has special features for women, you can easily keep yourself safe

A new feature has been prepared for women to save them from toxic relationships.

A special safety feature will be available under Apple iOS 16. These features will be of great benefit to these girls and women. With the help of this, she can also stop her own tracking etc.

Apple during its World Wide Developer Conference 2022 (WWDC 2022) iOS 16 Operating System (iOS 16) including many new products have been introduced. Talking about iOS 16, it will also get many latest updates and one of the most important safety check features. Although Google also gives safety check features in its Android phone, but this feature of iOS will be different from all other safety features. Actually, these features can prove to be very useful for women and girls, who become victims of toxic relationships.

Actually, many new things have been included in the features of iOS 16 to protect women from toxic and abusive relationships. With the help of this, no users will be able to track the location of women nor will they be able to access photos, videos and other content in their phones with the help of iCloud password.

Easy to track location with tags

Actually, with the help of Apple’s Airtags, any user can be searched, provided he has those tags. With this, you can also search smartphones, bags etc. But many people also follow the advantage of this modern technology to fulfill their nefarious plans. That’s why Apple has decided that they can also hide the tracking of Airtags from selected people.

mobile apps help

Many reports have claimed that with the help of stalkerware apps, users can locate their partners and track their digital habits and can also harm any women or young woman.

Safety features can be turned on yourself

Safety checks revisit the features and show that girls can ensure their safety if they want. It can also decide that their own phone cannot be used against them. Many times users share their iCloud password with the partner, which many users later use incorrectly.

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Location sharing can also be turned off

Apple said that the safety check features can turn off location sharing with the help of Find My Phone, after which no apps will be able to track the location. Also Messages and FaceTime can be controlled. Users can also audit the permissions given to the apps.

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