Apple iOS 16 Feature: From Duplicate Photos and Videos to Delete Message Recovery, these 4 heart-winning features will be seen in the new iOS 16

Apple iOS 16 Feature: Going to knock with many new features.

Apple iOS 16 Feature: We are going to tell about the brand new features. With the help of these features, users will also be able to prevent filling up of their iPhone’s memory and will also get the option to recover accidentally deleted messages.

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Jun 10, 2022 | 9:58 am

Apple iOS 16 Feature:Apple has one of its big events this week WWDC 2022 (WWDC 2022), in which it has also introduced iOS 16 including some products. There is a discussion everywhere about this new operating system, although many people have given information about some features for it, but today we are going to tell you about the brand new features. With the help of these features, users can save the memory of their iPhone. You will also be able to stop filling and will also get an option to recover accidentally deleted messages.

  1. Duplicate photos and videos will be detected in the gallery: Android phone users understand that many times the same photo gets saved in many types of folders in the smartphone. In such a situation, this high resolution photo and video covers more storage and fills the phone’s storage faster. The result of phone storage being full has to be paid in the form of slow speed of the device. To avoid such troubles in iOS 16, a new feature is being given, after which users will be able to easily identify the photos and videos present in the iPhone and also delete them.
  2. You will be able to customize the hairstyle with 17 types of new hairstyles: Actually, this time in iOS there is also an option to customize the new memoji, which can be possible with 17 new hairstyles. In the year 2017, the company first introduced Mimojis with the iPhone 10. Apple users can create separate memes for themselves. New hairstyle, sticker pose and many new things can be applied in this.
  3. Will not be able to access FaceTime and phone calls from Siri: Phone calls and FaceTime calls can be made with the help of Siri, Apple’s AI assistant. But in the update of iOS 16, FaceTime and phone calls have been disabled. Although both these features have been made very easy to use.
  4. Recently deleted messages can be seen in the folder: Under iOS 16, users will get a useful and convenient features. The name of this feature will be Recently Deleted Features. In this, you will be able to see the deleted messages within 30 days. After 30 days, these messages will be removed from that folder.

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