Anup Jalota Birthday: Know the story of the formation of Anup Jalota’s hymn which has been heard thousands of times.

The popularity of this hymn is different. This hymn became popular from house to house as soon as it was released. Anoop ji says, sometimes it seems that if this hymn is not sung, then the organizer will stop the payment.

Bhajan Samrat Anoop Jalota

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This is the story of the last year of the seventies. in singing hymns Anoop Jalota The name had begun. But the pinnacle of success was yet to be reached. That time came in 1978, whose story is very interesting. Same story on his birthday today. Actually, this is the story of Anoop Jalota’s tour of America. A friend of his lived there. One day it was decided that both the friends would meet. After the meeting, it was decided that everyone would eat lunch together. The meal had just started that Anoop ji’s friend’s wife brought him a book. She also sang a little bit. After eating food, Anup Jalota started turning the pages of the book. Suddenly going to a page, his eyes stopped.

It was written on that page – Such a lagan has become merry. These lines were written by Indira Devi ji of Pune. After finishing the meal, Anoop ji asked for harmonium. The harmonium came and Anoop Jalota started singing these lines directly. That is, while eating food, the tune of this hymn was ready.

Memories of Anoop Jalota about Bhajan

This hymn became popular in every household as soon as it was released. This hymn took Anoop Jalota to the new sky of success. Many times it used to happen that someone saw Anoop Jalota in a public place and he said sorry, you can’t remember your name but such lagan lagan meera ho gayi magan aapne hi sang, right?

Anoop ji says- The reality is that my name has gone backwards and this bhajan has come forward. There is no doubt that this one hymn has given me wide popularity. On most occasions, I start my program by singing this bhajan even today. It is also very easy for me to subdue the whole public from the very beginning by singing a hymn. I also feel that people come from where to listen to me. It remains in the hearts of all of them that such a passion has become merry, only to hear it, then why not feed this rasgulla to them in advance. I feed them that Rasgulla in advance, after that they come under my control.

When thousands of people stood and heard this hymn in Chittorgarh

The popularity of this hymn is different. Anoop ji says, sometimes it seems that if this hymn is not sung, then the organizer will stop the payment. Anoop ji mentions about the program named Meera Mahotsav in Chittorgarh. They say – Meera was from Chittorgarh. The people there have great respect for Krishna and Meera. I wanted to sing there. A huge crowd gathered to listen to the program. Chairs fell short. The weather was mildly cold. I told people that if they want, they should sit comfortably on the ground below. But the ground was slightly wet so no one was sitting. People stood.”

Anoop Jalota continues his point and says, “The organizers arranged for some chairs but still many people were standing. For a long time, people listened to the hymns with love. Many times people in the country and abroad have asked me whether this hymn can be made into another tune. I said no. There are some songs whose melody cannot be changed. For example, there are some other similar compositions – Payo ji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Payo or Thumak Chalat Ram Chandra Bajat Paijaniya. Even the melody of this song cannot be changed.

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