Another hit of inflation: more than 800 medicines will become expensive from April, then the rate will increase by 10 percent, the government approved

NPPA i.e. National Pharma Pricing Authority has approved a maximum increase of 10.7 percent in prices for scheduled drugs.

Essential medicines will be expensive from April

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Another installment of inflation is going to be deducted from your pocket from April. Actually the government has Drugs , scheduled drugs) increase in prices (Price hike) has been flagged. After this step, there will be an increase in the prices of more than 800 essential medicines from next month. According to NPPA, the increase in prices is the wholesale inflation rate (WPI) on the basis of . In fact, the pharma industry was continuously demanding an increase in the prices of medicines after the increase in the cost after the epidemic. This decision of increasing the prices will have an impact on everything from pain killers to antibiotics.

How much will the prices of medicines increase?

ET news According to NPPA, the National Pharma Pricing Authority has approved a maximum increase of 10.7 percent in prices for scheduled drugs. Scheduled drugs come under essential drugs and their prices are controlled. Their prices cannot be increased without permission. The effect of this decision will be seen on more than 800 medicines included in the list of essential medicines of the country. This list includes paracetamol, azithromycin necessary for the treatment of infection, vitamins etc. This list also includes drugs that are being used to treat patients with moderate to severe symptoms of Kovid. In a notice issued on Friday, NPPA said that according to the data of wholesale inflation received by the Ministry of Commerce, there is an annual increase of 10.76607 percent in medicines in 2020. Permission to hike the prices of scheduled drugs is issued by the NPPA on an annual basis.

Increase in the cost of medicines

ET quoted pharma sector experts as saying that the prices of some of the key APIs have gone up by 15 per cent to 130 per cent in the last two years. There has been a jump of 130 percent in the prices of paracetamol. At the same time, the price of glycerin used in many other drugs and medical applications along with syrups and oral drops has increased by 263 percent and propylene glycol by up to 83 percent. The prices of intermediates have increased from 11 percent to 175 percent. In view of rising costs, at the end of last year, the pharma sector met the government and sought approval for the hike in prices.

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