Anand Mahindra was stunned to see this look of the truck, said on Twitter – Meet its owner

The owner of the truck has made it a mobile wedding house. Its interior is equipped with air condition and looks quite good. Such wedding houses can become a very good option in rural and countryside areas. Anand Mahindra has also expressed his desire to meet the trucker on Twitter.

A moving wedding house made of a truck.

Image Credit source: Twitter

Anand Mahindra, chairman of India’s famous company Mahindra & Mahindra, is very active on Twitter. The video shared by him immediately goes viral. Anand Mahindra shared a similar video on Twitter in which a truck is shown as a moving wedding hall. Seeing this moving wedding house, Anand Mahindra could not stop himself and expressed his desire to meet the truck driver. Actually the truck shown in the video has been modified to give it the appearance of a wedding house. Let us see the specialty of this on-the-go truck.

mobile wedding house

A 40 feet long shipping container is seen in a video shared on Twitter by Mahindra’s chairman. There are many foldable parts in this container, which after opening completely, it becomes a wedding house. Once the foldable portion is fully opened, the total width of the container increases to 30 feet. With its help, the container space of the truck is doubled. A total area of ​​1,200 square feet is available in this moving wedding house.

Benefits of such a wedding house

Sharing the video on Twitter, Anand Mahindra expressed his desire to meet the man who made the truck a moving wedding house. Anand Mahindra told that such marriage halls can be of great use in remote areas of the village and countryside. It is not only eco-friendly, but it also does not require a permanent place in a country with a huge population density like India.

Capacity of 200 people, rain protection

A total of 200 people can easily be arranged in a moving wedding house made by modifying the truck. Along with the foldable design, two air conditioners have also been given in it. Apart from marriage, this truck can also be used for other events. According to the villagers, this mobile wedding house is not only a good option for remote areas, but also protects against rain.

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