Ambulance overturned 360 degrees to save the cow at Karnataka’s toll booth, two medical staff including the patient lying inside trembled on the road, four died

A shocking video of an ambulance is going viral on social media. In which four people died due to negligence of a driver. People are quite surprised to see this terrible accident.

Ambulance accident at toll block

Image Credit source: Twitter

A heart-wrenching accident has happened in Karnataka. In which running at great speed to save the life of the patient Ambulances (Ambulance) itself has become the cause of death of four people including the patient. In fact, while saving a cow at the toll booth in Udupi, Karnataka, an ambulance overturned 360 degrees in the past. Because of this, two medical staff including the patient lying inside the ambulance fell on the road. So there was a loss to the toll worker in this accident. Due to which all four people have died. This video of this accident was captured in the CCTV camera present there. After which its clip is going viral on these social media.

Ambulance overturned on wet road due to sudden braking

According to Karnataka Police, this video of the incident is from Udupi district of Karnataka. In which an ambulance taking the patient to the hospital collided at the toll booth while saving the cow. Actually the ambulance was very speedy. Looking at the speed of which the toll worker proceeds to remove the barricades put on the way. The team worker removes the barricades, but after that a cow is seen coming in the line of the car. To save it, the driver suddenly presses the brakes of the speeding ambulance, but due to the water scattered on the road, the ambulance overturns 360 degrees. At the same time, the patients and medical staff sitting inside it jerk out. According to the information, the patient, both the medical staff and the toll worker have died in this incident.

watch video here

This video has been shared on Twitter by a user named @DpHegde. Which has got thousands of views and hundreds of likes till the time of writing the news and people are expressing their anger towards their driver by commenting.

After watching this video, a user commented and wrote, ‘This is really scary.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘This is all the result of over speed..! Another user wrote, ‘During the rain, we should keep the speed of our vehicle as much as we can control.’

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