Amazing! 1 lakh laptop ordered from Amazon, dog food delivered at home

A person living in Debrisshire, England, had ordered a laptop from the online shopping site Amazon, which costs Rs 1.2 lakh, to give a Christmas gift to his daughter, but in the parcel he received dog food instead of the laptop.

‘Scam’ in online shopping

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Mobile Phone is a very useful thing. It has made every work of the people very easy. If you want to buy any goods, just place the order sitting at home through mobile, your goods will reach at your home. There was a time when people had to go to the market to buy even a small item, but now that item reaches you sitting at home through online medium. Although shopping online There are some disadvantages too. Many times people order something and the goods reach them something else. One such case has become a topic of discussion nowadays, in which a person’s house was laptop Dog food was delivered instead.

This surprising case is from Debrisshire in England. Here a 61-year-old man named Alan Wood used the online shopping site Amazon to give a Christmas gift to his, which costs Rs 1.2 lakh, but when the parcel reached his house, he was surprised to see that instead of the laptop, something else was delivered to him by the company.

Got dog food instead of laptop

According to the Daily Star report, Allen has MacBook Pro Had ordered a laptop, but two packets of dog food reached him in the parcel box. In such a situation, Allen contacted the company and talked about giving a refund, but at first the company refused to give the refund, but later when the company realized its mistake, the employees apologized to Allen and along with Also refunded their money.

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Such an incident happened for the first time in 20 years

Alan says that he has been using Amazon for the last 20 years and has been ordering and ordering goods online, but has never had any problems. Only this time such an incident happened with him. Although Allen is not the first person who has become a victim of such an incident while ordering goods online, there have been cases in the past when people have been offered potatoes and other goods by different online shopping sites in exchange for their original goods. Dung cakes have been delivered.

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