Ajnabee made memorable the journey of the couple on the plane for the first time, the heart touching story goes viral

If you are going to travel in a plane for the first time then you will have many questions in your mind. Along with happiness, there will also be fear in the mind and if a stranger becomes his own in the journey, then the journey is cut off well. Something similar has also come to the fore these days.

heart touching viral story

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every Human Seeing a plane flying in the sky in my childhood was quite thrilled It happens, but when the dreams of childhood come true, then all kinds of questions arise in the mind and a nervousness arises. All these things happen to every person who is traveling in a plane for the first time. One such heart touching story these days viral is happening. After reading which you will also become emotional.

This story has been shared by a person named Amitabh Shah on his LinkedIn. In which he told how he helped a couple at the airport who were going for their first flight, as soon as Amitabh saw him, he inquired about his condition and how the flight journey went with him, everything in the form of a story. Shared on your LinkedIn. Which people are not only reading but also sharing fiercely with each other.

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Sharing the picture of both of them, Amitabh wrote the caption that I was going from Delhi airport to Kanpur yesterday. During this time I met a couple who were from a village in UP and were going to travel by air for the first time. I was completely unknown to them in the boarding area but still I wanted to help them. In such a situation, I went to him with a smile and asked him to walk after him… he felt that I was some airline employee who had come to help him.

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Inside the flight, he was sitting right in front of me. In such a situation, Auntie requested that I take a picture of her and send it to her daughter so that she can know that we are absolutely safe. After which I accepted his request and sent this picture to him. After this the airhostess came and asked him to eat but he refused. But clearly he was feeling hungry and thirsty for hours. In such a situation, I asked the air hostess to give them cheese sandwiches and juice and refused to tell them and in this way they completed their journey without any problem and then as soon as we landed we went our separate ways . People are very fond of this story shared by Amitabh Shah. Many users have praised his kindness. Thousands of people have seen and liked this post till the time of writing this news.

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