Air travelers note, fare increased on this route of the country, tickets became cheaper on some routes

Passenger load is less in flights to cities like Amritsar, Lucknow, Dehradun, Surat, Nagpur and Pune. Because of this, flight tickets to these cities have become 8-10 percent cheaper than before. At the same time, the rates of Andaman, Kerala, Himachal and Kashmir have increased.

Airfare has become cheaper on some routes and expensive on some

Recently, the government removed the airfare cap (restriction on air fare). cheap and expensive tickets There was a limit fixed, from which the rent could be charged more or less. This rule was for airline companies. But due to the loosening of the Corona epidemic and skyrocketing air fuel (ATF) prices, the government removed the airfare cap. This restriction ended on 31 August. After this the airline companies are free to fix the air fare according to their own. Under this, Dynamic Fair also comes, which is now being seen on the rate of tickets.

After the removal of the airfare cap, the trend of reduction in fares on some routes of the country and increase in some routes is being seen. A report of ‘PTI’ says that the air route on which there is a shortage of passengers, or say that the passenger load is less, there is a reduction in the fare on that route. This report has been prepared on the opinion of experts from the travel industry. In order to provide relief to the airline industry battling the Corona epidemic for two years, the government abolished the airfare cap with effect from August 31, 2022. In view of the gradually increasing number of domestic air passengers, the government decided to end this restriction.

Prices of tickets dropped on these routes

Experts associated with the airline industry say that after the end of the ban, no difference has been seen in the average booking price. But mixed trends are being seen on certain routes. There is a reduction in airfares on some routes, while the prices of tickets have increased on some routes. Indivar Rastogi, president and group head (global business travel), Thomas Cook (India) and SOTC Travel, says airline companies are passing on the benefit of lower prices to their customers on routes that have less passenger load. That is, the route on which the number of air passengers is less. This route has the names of cities like Amritsar, Lucknow, Dehradun, Surat, Nagpur and Pune. Flight tickets to these cities have become 8-10 percent cheaper than before.

Tickets became expensive on these routes

On the contrary, there are some routes where the price of tickets has seen an increase. The data for September 1-15, 2022 shows that high load or popular locations have seen an increase in airfares. There has been an increase in the fares of many flights flying especially from select destinations such as Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore. There is an increase of 20-25 percent in flights flying from these 4 places to Andaman. Similarly, air tickets have become expensive by 15-20 percent for Goa, 5 percent for Kerala and Himachal and 10-15 percent for Kashmir.

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increase in the number of air passengers

There is also an increase in the number of air passengers compared to before. In August-September, people have come out of their homes for sightseeing, due to which there is an increase in air traffic. There is an increase of 21 percent in ticket booking of customers. The booking of air tickets for the festive season is going on and the ticket rates for Dussehra, Diwali are witnessing a significant increase. Some business routes are witnessing an increase of 18-30 per cent in airfares. At the same time, the number of passengers is also increasing. In the month of August, the domestic airline served 1.01 crore passengers, which is 4 percent more than in July. In July, 97.05 percent people traveled by air.

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