Air hostess danced on Deepika Padukone’s song Jhak Maar Ke, people said- Superb

SpiceJet’s air hostess Uma Meenakshi’s new video is creating panic on the internet, in which she is seen dancing to Deepika Padukone’s song in the cab. Now this video of him has gone viral online.

Air hostess did a beautiful dance

Every single day something like this seems to be going viral on social media, on which people’s heart is sure to come. Especially if it is a dance video, then it is very good. Many dance videos are seen on social media, which are covered as soon as they come. Social media again these days (Social Media) but a very cute dance video goes viral Happening. We can say with certainty that after watching this video you will definitely say – it is a wonderful video. Let us tell you that thousands of likes and comments are being seen on this video so far. An air hostess is seen in the video, in which she is seen in the cab with Deepika Padukone (Deepika Padukone) is seen dancing on the song.

Now an air hostess is seen in the video which is going viral on the internet. Let us tell you that SpiceJet air hostess Uma Meenakshi whose previous video dancing on Lazy Lad was fast trending on social media has posted a new clip and netizens are now loving the new video. In the new video, Uma is seen in a cab and in the video she is dancing to Deepika Padukone’s song ‘Jhak Maar Ke’. This challenge running on the trend, now Uma has also done it in a great way. Now social media users are showering a lot of love on this video of him through likes and comments.

Air hostess did a beautiful dance

A lot of reactions are also being seen in the comment section of this video. In the video going viral, it can be seen that the air hostess is seen making a reel in the cab itself. Then further in the video, she is seen in flight. In the video, the girl is wearing a Spice Jet dress and is shooting the video with great energy. Thousands of likes have been received on this video so far, as well as this video is being seen on other platforms of social media. Let us tell you that the song on which both are dancing is currently in discussion and people are seen making a lot of reels on this song.

Let us tell you that thousands of comments are being seen in the comment section of this video. Commenting on a user, wrote, ‘Wow her dance looks great.’ The second user wrote, ‘Way to live life’ The third user wrote, ‘Everyone has the right to enjoy his life’ Apart from this, other users are showering love by sharing emoticons.

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