After the bill comes, don’t sweat it out, run AC, know what are the best 5 ways to save electricity

Do power saving while running AC.

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How to Reduce AC Power Consumption: Many people have to face heavy bills after running AC in summer, but today we are going to tell you about some special tips, which can help in reducing the bill of electricity. .

How To Reduce AC Power ConsumptionSummer has started making people sweat and in such a situation most of the people want to have AC installed in their house.AC) Keep giving good cooling. but many people air conditioner (Aair conditionerThey are very worried about the bill coming after running. That’s why today we are going to tell about some special tips. After following these tips, you can get a chance to save electricity. There will be no need to spend separately for this.

While installing the AC in the house, keep in mind that there is no leakage in it and the air inside does not come in. Also, it will be easy for the air of AC to spread in the room. Usually, in order to save money, we get AC installed early and then it creates trouble later.

1. Avoid Non Stop Usage

To keep the house and room cool, some people are fond of running AC for 24 hours, but doing so can be very difficult. This may affect the components and cooling capacity of the AC. In such a situation, after cooling, turn off the AC for some time.

2. Block direct sunlight coming into the house

If you are running like this inside the room and direct sunlight is coming from somewhere inside the room, then try to stop it. Otherwise, the sun’s rays can prevent the room from cooling and there will be unnecessary power consumption.

3. Get the AC service done regularly

Always pay attention to the service of AC before coming home and keep getting it serviced on time. If the service is not done, users will not only get less cooling, but the problem of leakage can also come to the fore.

4. Do not lower the temperature immediately

In summer the temperature reaches up to 40 °C. In such a situation, some people immediately set the temperature of the AC to 18 ° C to cool the room, while doing so can cause damage. Because this kind of practice puts a lot of load on the electricity meter. Therefore it is important to keep the temperature of AC set at 20-25 degree Celsius.

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5. Five Star will save electricity

AC with 5 star rating helps in power saving, while there are also 1 and 2 star ones, which save less power than 5 stars. Also the 5 star AC cools the room faster.

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