After a long 27 hours, P Chidambaram comes out in public in Congress party office and says ‘I am innocent’

After a long 27 hours, Chidambaram comes out in public. Goes to Congress party office and says ‘I am innocent’

Senior Congress leader and former Union minister P. Chidambaram faces arrest in INX Media case. P. Chidambaram came out after hiding for 27 hours. He also held a press conference from the Congress headquarters. Chidambaram said, “If I have to choose between life and independence, I will choose freedom.”

P. Chidambaram said, “In the last 24 hours a lot has happened, some people have become worried in those 24 hours, and some people have admitted to delusion. I have not been charged in any INX media case, nor have any of my family members been charged. No chargesheet has been filed by the ED and the CBI before the court. ”

As you may know, the Delhi court dismissed the former finance minister’s bail application in the INX media case. The High Court said that this is a strange case of financial mismanagement, and giving advance bail. In this case will send the wrong message to the society. Chidambaram’s lawyer asked for a three-day timeframe, and the court rejected the appeal directly of the senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram. The arrest sword hangs over Chidambaram. During the court hearing on the Chidambaram case, the CBI went to the house of the former finance minister.

The entire CBI team reached the house of Congress leader P Chidambaram at evening to arrest against a corruption case. . Earlier today, the Delhi High Court refused to grant Chidambaram bail in the corruption case. Chidambaram had been receiving bail from the lower court of Delhi for a long time, but when the case reached the Delhi High Court, Chidambaram’s bail application was rejected.

Since then, the ED and CBI team have taken to the field to arrest Chidambaram. A CBI team reached Chidambaram’s house this evening. The process of arresting Chidambaram has begun. Chidambaram was once the home minister of the country. There were many allegations that he was anti-Hindu activity at that time. Also, several corruption cases are associated with his name.

It is claimed that the lives of many Hindus were wasted while Chidambaram was the Home Minister. P. Chidambaram was also the finance minister of the country. During his time there were widespread corruption charges in the country. Now, the CBI team is actively involved to find the corruption. The government and powerful companies in the country are believed to have started the last beating on corruption. CBI launches investigation into INX media case And now the CBI team has reached Chidambaram’s house. Whose work is likely to have begun.

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