Adnan Sami left Pakistan because of this, said – will expose soon

When Pakistan and England were playing against each other in the T20 final, there was a game going on on Twitter as well, after the result of the match, Adnan’s post made the public angry.

Adnan Sami

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Singer Adnan Sami always remains in the headlines, let us tell you that before the citizenship of India, he had the citizenship of Pakistan. People think that they hate Pakistan, but in a tweet he said that they do not hate the people of Pakistan, but the authority there. Adnan So she has decided to stay in India.

Trolls are being done by tweets made during cricket

After Pakistan’s defeat in the T20 World Cup, Adnan wrote on Twitter that, ‘The team that deserves, finally became the winner, congratulations England. When the other team loses, people open their chests wide, that’s a big lesson for them. In this tweet, Adnan Sami made fun of Pakistani cricket fans and also shared a small click of a funny song.

After this tweet of Adnan, Pakistani users replied to his tweet and said that “You want to prove your loyalty. In response, Adnan also wrote that ‘Our loyalty is only to one country India.’ After which Pakistani users called Adnan very bad.

Adnan’s twitter post

Disturbed by the trolling of Pakistani fans, Adnan blamed the Pakistan authorities. Writing a long note, he said that “I had to leave Pakistan because of this bad behavior, I have no problem with the general public of Pakistan but the authority behaves badly. That’s why I am away from there.” During this, he has also said that he has been silent for a long time, but when the time comes, he will soon expose about it.

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Adnan Sami continues to be a target

Well-known Bollywood singer Adnan Sami is always stuck between India and Pakistan, because he is neither completely Indian nor completely Pakistani. His father was a pilot in the Pakistani Air Force while he was brought up in London. After returning from London, he started his singing career in India, and has spent most of his time in India. His Pakistani passport expired in 2015. Then he applied for Indian passport and citizenship of India and since then he has been a citizen of India. Known as, he has also been awarded the Padma Shri, India’s highest award in 2020.

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