A tremendous fight took place between two elephants, see who won and whose air became tight in the video

Elephants are considered to be the largest and heaviest animals on earth. Their weight is thousands of kilos. If he presses someone under his feet, then his Kachumar comes out there. In recent times too, a video surfaced in which a fierce fight took place between two elephants.

elephant fight video

Image Credit source: Youtube

Social Viral. elephants (ElephantsIt is said that they are very intelligent creatures. But the discussions of his anger are also a lot. In anger, he destroys everything that comes in front of him. We found a video on social media. In which two elephants got angry about something. In anger, they did not attack anyone, but they clashed with each other. After seeing this, your breath will also be stuck for a moment. Video It has been shared from a YouTube channel named A Girl Who Loves Animals.

Although elephants often live in herds and live in harmony with each other, but sometimes there is a dispute between them too. Now look at this video that has come to the fore, where a fierce fight is seen between two elephants. Along with fighting with each other, both elephants are seen creating a lot of orgy in the forest. Whoever saw this dangerous sight was filled with panic. Seeing them fighting will surely remind you of wrestling.

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In the video, you can see that there is a fight between two elephants in the forest between the bushes. It seems as if two people are fighting inside the four walls of the house so that outsiders do not know about it. But in a short time, this fight comes out of the house i.e. from the bushes and comes out in the field. Seeing what was then, both of them clashed and the whole view of the forest changed. There was a fierce fight between the two for a long time. There is blood on the heads of both the elephants and both are trying to kill each other with their trunks. Both are trying to push each other down. But in the end both of them calmed down and went on their separate ways staring at them.

This video is a few years old, but seeing this video, you will be surprised that not only a human but a calm looking elephant also fights with its partner. How viral this video has become can be gauged from the views it gets. The video has been viewed more than 80 lakh times so far.

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