If a drone, micro lights helicopter or a balloon enters the airspace, the air force will be alerted immediately. Pictures of unidentified flying objects will then be sent to HQ. And action will be taken immediately to prevent intrusion. On Independence Day, the Indian Air Force declared the integrated air arch and control system fully operational at Memora Airbase. This integrated air arch and control system is the latest version. As a result, the air force will gain new capabilities to protect its airspace. This integrated air arch will be deployed at seven airports in seven states to prevent any kind of intrusion.

With the introduction of this system, all officers and air force personnel related to tactical, operational and combat tactics will assist in the decision making. Central Air Command is spread across seven states. This system will increase air defense throughout its area. The system is installed in the Air Force Station memory, which will help India take immediate action against every type of wind threat.

Since the withdrawal of the special state from Kashmir and the passage of Article 370 the air force has been strengthening security. This system, installed at Memora Airbase,

is capable of taking pictures of things that are not visible through the binoculars. The system will be able to easily take pictures of those unknown objects.

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