7th Pay Commission Good News! The Central Government gave a gift to the retiring employees! Change in this big rule

7th Pay Commission Composite Transfer Grant: While taking a big decision for the employees retiring by the Central Government, they will be given Composite Transfer Grant (CTG) Changes have been made in the rule of law, the amendment made in these rules will benefit lakhs of government employees of the country. In fact, after retirement, a decision has been taken by the Central Government to abolish the city limits of the employees residing at the last station of the employee or 20 km or more from it. Let us know what is the 7th Pay Commission Composite Transfer Grant rule and what benefits will be given to the retiring employees.

7th Pay Commission: 7th Pay Commission Composite Transfer Grant (CTG)

Giving big relief to the retiring central employees of the country, by the central government overall transfer grant at the last station or from Distance beyond 20 km limit to be found only when settled in 80% CGT has been amended. where after the first retirement less than 20 kms On behalf of the Central Government only One third CGT Now the employees will be able to get full CGTI (i.e. 80% of the basic salary of the previous month) grant in lieu of one third.

7th Pay Commission: Big News! Decision on dearness allowance of central employees postponed? Finance Ministry order issued

7th Pay Commission: Notification issued by Department of Expenditure

By the Department of Expenditure under the Ministry of Finance for amendment in the case of CGT for Central Government employees. 6 January 2022 In the notification issued to the state government, it was told that after the retiring employees settle at the last station or other place, the entire 80% CGT It has been decided to do away with the limit of 20 kms for CGHS, but to claim this grant, the employee has to include the actual change of residence.

7th Pay Commission They will get 100% payment if they settle in other place

Basic salary of the previous month after retirement 100% Payment Andaman & Nicobar, and Lakshadweep For the employees residing in the island areas or other places, this payment is given 100% to the already retired employee, which has not been changed by the government.

How to complete the application for 7th Pay Commission CGT

According to the 7th Pay Commission on Composite Transfer Grant, full Citi will be admissible to all Central Government employees for transfer to the last station or other place after retirement i.e. 80% of the basic salary of the previous month Payment will be made to the employees, for which they have to claim CITI Change of residence in prescribed format in relation to a Sub-Declaration Certificate Submission It will be necessary to do so, only after which they will be considered eligible for the former grant.

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7th Pay Commission Salary: Good News! There will be an increase of Rs 2.30 lakh in the salary of central employees! see the calculation here

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