5G should not increase your problems, must watch this video till the end

With the advent of 5G, the technologies will become more advanced and the methods of cheating the common people will also become more new, in such a situation your vigilance will save you from fraud.

5G can increase your problems

5G is just about to come. The era of 4G will now be left behind and a new era of internet speed and technology will start. But there are also new dangers of this new era. In one line, you just understand that the fraudsters are after you and they have an eye on your data, your phone, your internet. And you need to be careful so as to avoid these thugs and the dangers of thugs…. Hello, I am Varun Kumar and in this video we will talk about such dangers. Will tell you how you can avoid these dangers. And how you can make your digital life safer.

Avoid sim cloning first

First of all, we will talk about SIM cloning. To clone the SIM, your fake Aadhar card is created, then informs the police about the loss of the SIM. On the basis of this, a new SIM is taken from your telecom operator. By the time you understand the matter, your bank account is emptied. Another popular method is that you are called in the name of Paytm, Bank Officer, RO Water Purifier, etc. etc. and immediately asked for KYC. A link is sent to you. You are asked to click something. As soon as this happens, they are able to break into your bank account.

Thugs have important information of people

Sometimes they will tell you that they are talking to your internet company and sometimes they will say that from your telecom operator, sometimes your insurance company and sometimes from your bank, but how do they know which is your internet company and Which RO are you using? Actually, your data is being watched by millions of people and this data is sometimes sold on the dark web as well. In such a situation, fake call centers buy this data or steal it through hackers. After this your Reiki is started which finally ends on cheating.

Avoid giving information over the phone

Actually, no single hunter is searching for any potential prey, but a whole gang of hunters is engaged in this work. Fake call centers are doing the same thing. Some of these are extracting your information on the dark web, then someone is trying to sell you something on the phone, take OTP etc. in the name of KYC etc., someone is scanning your social profile, then someone is breaking into your bank accounts. Trying to install. All your information is being stored in one place and you are not even aware of it.

Fake customer care frauds are common

Fake call centers are sometimes running fake customer care and cheating people. Sometimes a team of one or two people does this work, and sometimes many people are involved in it. The details of a well-known company are put on Google. A number is entered which is promoted as the customer care number. Since people are searching for it, it starts coming up in the search results. Victims of fraud do not complain about it to Google, so Google also does not take action on it. Now gradually this number spreads so much that it is considered more correct than the real customer care. People call for their complaints on this, response is also received from the other side. But people sitting on the other side take your personal information and then the crimes of fraud are carried out.

And how is cheating happening

Apart from these methods, cases of people being cheated through QR codes are also coming to the fore. First understand what is a QR code? You must have noticed that a strange pattern is made inside a square. The full form of QR Code is – Quick Response Code. A link is generated as soon as you scan it with the scanner. Every QR code is slightly different. Like every time the code is different. Generally you must have seen Paytm or any other QR code for transactions at shops. A lot of transactions are done through this nowadays. But as the transaction with QR code is increasing, so is the fraud through it.

But how does this fraud happen? Actually a URL is hidden behind the QR code. You are redirected to a site. It is asked to press a button or to click on a particular place. By doing this your bank details reach the thugs. Another thing to keep in mind is that QR code is used to pay money. You have a QR, if you share it with someone, he can scan it and give you money. It usually happens in cases of fraud that you are cheated that you will get money after scanning this QR code, but as soon as you scan this code, the money starts deducting.

how to avoid online fraud

Now understand how such fraud cases can be avoided. Whenever you order goods from Amazon, Flipkart or any other app, and if the courier is late, then contact on the email id or customer care number given on the official website. Do not fall into the trap of Google or any fake site on the Internet. other thing. Whenever you make a complaint on Twitter or any other social media, do not mention the order number nor share your phone number or email id. By doing this, thugs can call you and implicate you by pretending to be an officer of the company. If they have your order number, then you too will trust them. So never share your order number, your phone number.

To avoid any kind of fraud, keep your phone locked, change the password from email to other social media from time to time, never share the details of net banking, credit card etc. with anyone. Never keep their passwords etc. on the mail. Do not rely on calls coming from anywhere, like lottery winnings, holiday packages, KYC etc., never share any financial details with such people.

To avoid QR code fraud, whenever you scan the QR code for money transactions, use apps like Paytm, WhatsApp, Phone-pay or BHIM. The name of the person you want to pay is also shown to you on the app. If that name is wrong or looks suspicious then do not pay. If suddenly any money is deducted from your account, then contact the bank immediately. And complain to the police.

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