5G Services: Not only data, jobs will also get bumper speed, will be seen in the telecom sector

IT sector, tech based education sector, e-commerce companies and telecom sector will provide maximum jobs during the quarter. 65 percent of the total new jobs will be generated due to 5G technology.

Jobs will also get speed from 5G

5G Services: In the coming times 5G not only from data speed going to grow as well job The speed of meeting is also going to be fast. Actually there are reports that along with the expansion of new technology, tech and telecom sector Companies have made plans to accelerate new recruitment and in the coming times, a large number of jobs can be seen in many sectors related to technology. According to the report of staffing company TeamLease, 90 percent of the companies in the telecom sector are working on a plan to provide employment in the December quarter.

What is special in the report

According to reports, companies are working on a plan to spend $250 million in job-related activities in the December quarter due to 5G. On the other hand, if we look at the report, then the main reason for the aggressive recruitment of telecom sector companies is also the fast rate of change of jobs in the companies of the sector. The rate of job change during the September quarter has been the highest in the last 6 quarters.

The job loss rate in the sector is above 10 per cent, which was below 9 per cent in the June quarter. The report said that although the number of new jobs has increased due to the high rate of job loss.

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Where will you find the most jobs

At the same time, the IT sector is at the fore in terms of providing new jobs in the December quarter. 95 percent companies in the educational sector and 92 percent companies in the e-commerce sector have said that they will give new jobs. According to Team Lease, the telecom sector is at number four. The telecom sector will see jobs related to sales, installation, wiring, software engineer, cloud, design, data, AI and machine learning.

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