50,000 Indian flag will be distributed in Jammu Kashmir, National Flag will be hosted in Everywhere

Narendra Modi Government ill distribute 50,000 Indian flags in Jammu Kashmir, National Flag will be hosted in Everywhere

The clause has been withdrawn from Jammu and Kashmir. Now on the 15th of August, Independence Day, the BJP has a big plan. BJP leader Rabindra Raina has said that the BJP will buy 50000 national flags and distribute it to people in Jammu and Kashmir. National flags will be raised everywhere in Jammu and Kashmir. Earlier, Union Minister of State for Home (Kisan Reddy) told a press conference that all the villages of Jammu and Kashmir will be lifted on August 15 in Panchayat.

He advised all village heads to raise the national flag on August 15. On the other hand, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and National Vice-President Avinash Rai Khanna can take part in the program of lifting the tricolor at BJP’s panchayat level in Jammu and Kashmir. According to party sources, since the removal of Articles 370 and 35A, the BJP has been busy creating an atmosphere of confidence in the state.

People are being contacted at the field level and notified about the benefits of removing Section 370. The BJP has completed preparations for lifting the tricolor at the panchayat level in Jammu division. Apart from Union Home Minister Amit Shah, National Vice-President and State In-charge Avinash Rai Khanna can also participate in the program. Apart from participating in the program, Shah can monitor the situation in the state.

In this regard, BJP’s national vice-president and state and election in-charge Avinash Rai Khanna have said that he will take part in the national flag-raising program in a border area panchayat.

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