5 ways globalization has created the environment for top-notch coding

The past decade has seen profound changes worldwide thanks to globalization. Although it is a
a controversial topic which has either passionate supporters or violent opponents, our world has
been powerfully impacted by this concept.
The exchange of ideas, goods, and people have long been a feature of human history. However,
in today’s digital world, the diffusion of knowledge and technology all around the world has
brought innovative changes to the entire global landscape.
Globalization has had a profound impact on the IT industry. All of today’s societies rely on
innovative technological solutions that continue to develop at the speed of light. Meanwhile,
the demand for new technological systems and functions is also on the rise. Thus, the coding
services sector can take advantage of the practical benefits of globalization better than ever
before. Here are 5 ways globalization has created the environment for top-notch coding:

1. Team formation

One of the biggest advantages brought by globalization to the IT sector is the opportunity to
hire the best expertise available in the field. The geographical barriers are no longer a challenge
in hiring the best professional coders. The in-house environment at a single location has been
replaced with real-time communication and collaboration online.
Nowadays, thanks to the advancements of technology and the internet, all businesses can hire
experts from all around the world. Whether the collaboration will take place remotely or will
imply the relocation of the expert, globalization eliminated all the location barriers that used to
exist in the past.
The biggest advantage brought to team formation is the fact that managers can hire a
the diverse team from all around the world which can provide cultural diversity, sought-after skills,
and the ability to fulfil tasks in multiple time zones.

2. Flexible workforces

Another huge impact that globalization had on our world was on the labour market. Nowadays,
millions of people engage in some form of independent work. Globalization led to the rising
trend of freelancing worldwide. Technological advancements and the internet had led to the
creation of platforms, such as Upwork, Freelancer, or Guru, that facilitate remote collaboration
between experts from the same industry. According to a report from Upwork, up to 59% of
companies in the United States collaborate with freelancers remotely.

It is very likely for all coders to work on various projects at the same time which leads to a
slower programming process. However, the opportunity to hire experts on freelancing
platforms extremely easy allows an outside coder help with increasing productivity and
obtaining a quicker turnaround time.
Thanks to this opportunity, programming outsourcing is a great strategy to reduce costs,
consulting expertise, and improve operational efficiency with the help of an external service

3. Effective communication

Effective communication within the team is paramount for the success of the coding project.
However, before the existence of the internet, global communication seemed impossible. Yet,
in today’s instant messaging era, the internet and various online platforms facilitate global
communication and collaboration.
Today’s coders can use collaborative software to work together on the same documents and
projects remotely. They can share documents, data, documentation or reports with each other
and write code together in real-time.
The use of different languages is another challenge that used to exist but, thanks to
globalization, is no longer a difficulty for the collaboration between developers. The
programming sector has terms with a very precise nature of terms including languages of
programming or other tools. Thus, communicating over a long distance, especially between two
specialists who don’t have the same mother tongue used to be impossible.
Globalization has introduced various tools and ways in which the programmers can overcome
the language barrier. From English language becoming the global language to the existence of
translating services, experts who don’t speak the same language can easily communicate.

4. Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity within the team is another new concept brought into the scene by
globalization. A team formed by experts who have different cultural backgrounds can have a
multitude of benefits. Hiring team members from different parts of the world, businesses can
have access to a larger pool of skills and perspectives.
Cultural differences can have a major impact on the success of a distributed team. Intercultural
communication can lead to better decision-making thanks to different perspectives brought
into the scene. Innovative ideas and alternative solutions can be the results of a team that is
formed by members who have a wider range of perspectives.
Also, another benefit of having a distributed-team is the expertise when a project that will be
used in a limited geographic area must be completed. The development of the project can be a
lot easier if within the team one of the members is familiarized with the specific cultural or
language features or the local laws.

5. Educational opportunities

The globalization of education is no exception these days. Globalization has also had a very
powerful impact on the educational opportunities people worldwide have. Nowadays, thanks
to globalization, studying abroad is more popular than ever before. The environment for top-
notch coding is also created thanks to the young and innovative minds who get the opportunity
to study at top universities.
The establishment of overseas studying programs and the willingness of students to have an
international educational experience has created the perfect environment for programming
enthusiast to have access to top education in developed countries.
Studying at top universities abroad allows programming experts to find jobs in the receiving
countries. In fact, software engineering and computer programming have become some of the
most studied programs abroad because they provide lucrative job opportunities in the
developed countries.
Globalization had a major impact on the evolution of technology and the IT sector. It has
changed the way services are provided, the way experts collaborate with each other and has
led to a cultural diversity that improves the process of development.

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